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One of my most popular posts on JENerally Informed to date is our family’s review of the Disney Infinity game. Today I am excited to have my cute hubs, who is referred to as Jensguy around here, providing a review of the new Disney Infinity 2.0! He is a very knowledgeable techie and gamer and will fill you in on all you need to know about this new game from Disney.

Take it away Jensguy!

Of course we have discussed before how our children (and we the parents) loved Disney Infinity. For Christmas our children were gifted Disney Infinity 2.0, and after a few weeks of play testing, we can finally review it.

The biggest change is that 2.0 has used their Marvel license and added in Marvel superheros. Because, YEAH!

Most importantly this allows our 13 year old daughter to live out her fantasy of an Elsa and Black Widow Team Up.

The concept of the game is that each of the in-game characters is represented by real figurines that are placed on a pedestal to activate them in the game. Some of the characters come with their own “playsets” which contain a more traditional game based around a movie. Disney Infinity 2.0 includes an Avengers playset, a Spiderman playset, and a Guardians of the Galaxy playset, with the last two being sold separately. Each playset comes with some characters and more can be purchased. The bummer is that only characters that were included in the movie can be played in the playset, so Elsa and The Lone Ranger cannot chase down Loki from the Avengers. The good news is that these playsets are a small part of the overall whole of the game.

The Toy Box

The greatest part of the game, and my children’s favorite, is the “Toy Box.” In the Toy Box you get to take all of the elements of the playsets you have played and mash them together to form your own world. In addition you can add elements from both contemporary and old Disney shows and movies. For instance, my children start with the skyline of New York and can add Cinderella’s Castle right next to the Mystery Shack from the new cartoon series “Gravity Falls”. They can then build a race track around the length of it all and race the light cycle from “Tron” against Lightning McQueen from “Cars”. If you examine the stump next to the Mystery Shack you will find that it is inhabited by obnoxious trolls and at any time you have the ability to call an invasion by both the Frost Giants from “Thor” and soldiers wielding frying pans from the movie “Tangled.”

And everything is better in 2.0!

One of the good ideas the creators of 2.0 implemented is that you can use “builders” to make things for you in the game. Want to race but don’t want to take the time to create a track? Have one of your on screen “builders” do it for you. Just let him or her know the basics of what you want and they will get to work right away. There are dozens of “builders” for all of your world creating needs. You might even recognize some of them such as Eve from “WALL-E” or the Sultan from “Aladdin.”


The next great upgrade is Interiors. In the previous game you couldn’t actually go inside the buildings, but now you can, and design the inside with furniture you unlock by playing the game. In the default Interior, you start with a nice homey mansion populated with a few odds and ends as well as Disney and Marvel characters moving about. I was amused to see that Cogsworth from “Beauty and the Beast” was the children’s butler. It was also humorous to watch my children kick Loki out of the easy chair in their living room as he was acting like he owned the place. My oldest daughter was very happy to unlock Sleeping Beauty’s Dress (make it pink. . .of course) and to display it in her virtual Bedroom. The commercial success of “The Sims” video game shows that there are people who can spend hour upon hour decorating a virtual house. Make those items iconic like Sleeping Beauty’s Dress and you have magic.


Heh, I just looked over and saw my children, as Anna from “Frozen”and Captain Jack Sparrow racing pigs across the Golden Gate Bridge. And by racing, I mean sitting on the back of a smallish pig as it squeals erratically while throwing itself forward as fast as it’s little legs can carry it. That’s good stuff there. . .

Now, if you owned the previous game, all of the characters you collected carry forward. And all of their items and levels are unlocked as soon as they are placed on the 2.0 pedestal. That is pretty awesome and gives extra value for the characters that you purchase going forward.

Additionally, our family  NEVER pays full price for any Disney Infinity items. If you are careful, you can always find sales and discount offers. You shouldn’t feel the need to buy everything as your children will probably have a favorite in mind. My seven year old has her eye on Tinkerbell, while I am torn between getting Captain America or the Incredible Hulk.

Yeah, Tinkerbell and Stitch make for a good team up too. . .

There are a thousand other things that I could talk about, but here is what you need to know if you are considering this for your children:  If they are the type of game player who likes to customize every element of a character or game, this is likely a good pickup. If they often find themselves wandering off the plot of whatever game they are playing and injecting their own silliness, this will make them extremely happy. Seriously if they have tons of imagination, they will play this game a long time because there really isn’t an end to it as they can write all of the rules each time they play.

A definite two thumbs up from this family!

Oh, and just in case anyone responsible for making the Marvel movies is reading this my daughters have a little suggestion……


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    1. Yep, if your kids loved the first one, they will love the second one, and all of their figures will work as well. Some of the figures might even have more powers. Rapunzel can heal herself and others for instance. . .

    1. Well yeah! My girls LOVE this game! Especially as you can play as Anna and Elsa. . .

    1. Yeah, Skylanders intrigued me, but Disney infinity, finally got me to bite the bullet. Even if the kids never play the game again after a couple of years, those figurines are hecka awesome!

    1. Just start small. Get the main 2.0 set, and just a couple of your favorite characters. Like I said, If you get them on sale, the figurines themselves are about what you would pay in a hobby store. I also forgot to mention that you can download home made adventures that people post to Disney. My favorite is a reproduction of the village or Arendale from Frozen. Except there is a well that you can jump into that transports you into an arena battle royale with the robot things from the Incredibles. Didn’t see that coming. Mike Wazowski had to upgrade to Buzz Lightyear’s blaster pistol to deal enough mayhem to survive. . .

    1. Only Rapunzel and the girls from Frozen were required for this family (we did get more though). Each daughter has her eyes on Tinkerbell and Maleficent respectively. . . Violet from the Incredibles is a favorite as she turns invisible!

    1. I just like some of the oldie nods. You can get a disk that unlocks the wings form “Condorman.” Seriously, CONDORMAN! Also, you can add a fully functional Matterhorn ride from Disneyland that lets you slide around a rail just like the real ride. There is also a cute little Yeti you can add in as well, or three or a dozen. . .

    1. There really isn’t a better children’s game once they learn how to use the virtual “toybox.” I didn’t even get into my stable I created that held a number of horses including Silver from the lone ranger and Bullseye from Toy Story.

    1. Yeah, although they do have Maleficent as a character you can play. I didn’t see the new movie so I’m not too sure how “reformed” she is. :) The rumor is that next year they will add Star Wars characters.

  1. Love the Black Widow and Elsa team up!! Your daughter is a smart girl :). We have been thinking about this game since the first one came out. Thanks so much for this thorough review. I’m always on the lookout for things we can play as a family.
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