Mommy Reality #26: Getting Rid Of These Is Going to Break Me

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For this Mommy Reality Challenge Celeste has asked us to share a bad habit that we plan to break as part of a New Year’s resolution.

Perhaps that would be like Celeste and I deciding to no longer make bad photo shop pictures of ourselves…

Nah, we have way too much fun doing them!

So here is what bad habit I plan to break even though it just might break me.

Story time!

Seventeen years ago I made my husband promise me that if I ever started wearing sweats to the grocery store he was to stop me.

Like the wonderful husband he is, he did not mention it to me when I began doing just that.

First it was just a quick emergency visit to pick-up diapers in my sweats or a run in for a giant Big Q slushie to keep me going through the day. As all bad habits do, this one kind of took off and soon the wearing of my “Mom-wear” became my status quo.

Flash forward/ backward to 2 years ago. After a hectic and frenzied drop off of children at school, I once again found myself in my Mom-wear heading into my local supermarket to buy milk, because that is the never ending task for the JENerally Informed family.  On this day an unassuming Jen happily pushed her cart through the store, purchased said milk, a loaf of bread and other sundries, then casually moseyed outside. . .

As I stepped outside of the store, I sensed danger.  Looking across the parking lot, I saw a news van.  And heading my way I saw a news crew.  Worst of all I KNEW THE REPORTER!  I saw the glint of recognition in his eye as he headed toward me.  “Jennifer! Hey can we get your comments on a story that we are doing?!”

I had no make-up on, and my hair was in a bun and I had on ratty sweats!!  I considered ditching the cart and sprinting,  craning my neck looking around for escape routes.  But they had me dead to rights.  There would be no escape without creating a tremendously awful scene and or abandoning my precious two gallons of milk.  I sighed, resigning myself to my fate, and did the interview with a smile. . .

I NEVER watched that clip (it was on at noon, 6, and 10), but luckily many of my friends and family members did so I received quite a bit of feed back on my Mom-wear.

Now, two years later I have let myself slide, yet again.


It is time I break this VERY bad habit and let these go! The world does not need a repeat of the imbroglio from 2 years ago. Plus I am not sure my ego could take that sort of hit for a second time.

Now, let’s not go all crazy thinking that I will always show up at the grocery store with my hair and make-up done, but I can show up in some new and much improved Mom wear!

So, take a look at the new duds Jensguy gave me for Christmas.

I should add that before he passed me this gift he made me cross my heart and solemnly swear that I would never wear the old holey shorts/pants again!

Now it’s your turn to come share what bad habit you will be breaking!

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!




  1. Jen’s Guy did well! I hope you have a bonfire for those holey shorts, girl. Those have GOT to go.

    Like Janine, I am always dressed in at least jeans when I leave the house, no matter where I’m going. Even if it’s a walk in the neighborhood with the family, I change out of the lounge wear. I’m always afraid of something EXACTLY along the lines of the awkward situation you described.

    You watch – the one time I break that rule, I’m gonna get those dreaded 15 minutes of fame… :)
    Sarah Nenni Daher recently posted…Bath Bombs Part 2My Profile

  2. One of my fears is finding myself on People Of Walmart so I try to avoid it at all costs which usually just means jeans and a tshirt that probably says something stupid like I Mustache You a Question or something about my ninja skills which I have none. Sometimes I do forget to brush my hair after chasing around two other heads to brush so I tell people it took me all morning to get that messy bun look. It isn’t like I wake up in the morning and just get out of bed with this chic bed head look. :)
    Becka recently posted…Christmas 2014 HighlightsMy Profile

  3. I really try to be “decent” when walking out the door. Every time I leave the house looking like crap, I run into an old boyfriend or the super popular girl in high school. I end up feeling like I should crawl in a hole. I try to remember that horrible feeling of wanting to hide under a rock, but slowly I lapse into bad habits.
    I don’t know about you, but I never run into anyone I know when I look spectacular.
    Patty recently posted…Mommy Reality Challenge #25: Glimpse of My Holidays . . . My Charlie Brown ChristmasMy Profile

  4. hahaha.. oh man. I love that your friends/family lovingly gave you feedback. Now that’s a story for the news.
    Your new comfy wear is gorgeous. We all need new lounge wear every now and then.
    I hope the shorts went into the trash?
    Tamara recently posted…If Only In My Dreams.My Profile

    1. Lovingly telling me how I looked is a stretch, they rubbed in how I looked for years, still do! Oh well, I deserved it for hitting the streets looking that way. It was like asking karma to do something :)

      I think the shorts are getting burned on New Years at our smores’ roast. I think I will be able to drop them in the fire…..
      Jen recently posted…Mommy Reality #26: Getting Rid Of These Is Going to Break MeMy Profile

  5. Well, you all are better than me, lol. I will totally go out in pajama pants. Especially if it’s a quick trip or I’m sick or I have a sick kid! I have gotten better though, normally I will throw on jeans and a hoodie!
    Echo recently posted…A Day In The Life Of A Spoonie!My Profile

  6. Oh my goodness I would have died with the whole Momwear/reporter thing. Eeeeek! I don’t blame you for not watching the clip.

    This is a great habit to break! I recently took part in the 2 for 1 dress deal off of eShakti and I’ve been all June Cleaver wearing a dress and an apron around the house. I think my husband is enjoyed the switch from Momwear — although I told him NOT to get used to it because I can’t maintain that when he’s back at work. However, I should try to get out of my PJs more often (says the girl who’s still sitting in them at 10 am).

    Thanks for sharing… and Happy New Year!
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…Picture Schedules, Two Bagels, and Choosing LoveMy Profile

  7. I think I can one up you on this one, my friend. I wear my husband’s sweatpants! And let me tell you, they are not at all attractive on me. My hubby and I always laugh about an old stand up bit from Jerry Seinfeld where he says “If you wear sweatpants anywhere but the gym, you have given up.” I loved your story about the news cameras! Classic. I would have had to watch it if it was me. I’m impressed you skipped it :).
    Candace recently posted…A Hedgehog For ChristmasMy Profile

  8. Oh my gosh, love this! What’s worse is my grocery store is seriously a 5 min. walk, so it is really hard to motivate myself to get all neat and pretty for just a quick trip. Never fails I run into someone though!
    I will have to put some thought into this one and come up with my Breaking Bad resolution!
    Lauren Holt recently posted…Walt Disney Pictures – 2015 Movie ReleasesMy Profile

    1. Author

      I like that! I think you just helped me rename them. No longer are they to be known as “mom-wear”, but they are now my “classy -wear” :)
      Jen recently posted…When Magic HappensMy Profile

  9. Those pants look pretty comfy:) I usually don’t make resolutions for the new year, but a bad habit that I would break is my terrible sweet tooth… maybe not break it completely though!
    Joanna @ Motherhood and Merlot recently posted…Surprise!My Profile

  10. So sorry for the delay on getting in on this Mommy Reality I have been dealing with health issues and took a forced break from my blog and all blogging! That being said I just viewed this post for the first time from my laptop instead of my phone and could not stop laughing at the video you made of us! That was the best! ;)

    I am in the process of writing my post to share with everyone and will have it posted today at some point.
    Lysa recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

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