Make Your Own Christmas Glitter Dough

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During the summer I came across a recipe for Fairy Mud that intrigued me. I had planned on trying this out with my children, but never got around to it. In November our family spent a lot of time indoors as we recuperated from various illnesses, so I thought we would try making the mud.

Putting my own spin on it I turned it into Christmas Glitter Dough!

Make your own glitter dough this holiday season!

Glitter Dough Ingredients:

2 rolls of toilet paper

1 1/2 bars of Ivory soap

2 cups warm water

Red food coloring

Some fancy glitter


First, you need to unroll the toilet paper from the tubes. My kids had a ball with this as evidenced in this picture!

Make your own glitter dough this holiday season!

Put the toilet paper in a large bin or container and set aside.

Make your own glitter dough this holiday season!

Next, grate the soap. This is a pretty easy job even for little hands.

Make your own glitter dough this holiday season!

Then add the warm, colored water to the grated soap and mush it all up until it’s completely mixed together. *Note- I used quite a bit of red food coloring.

Make your own glitter dough this holiday season!

This next step is where the magic happens! My kids could not believe how the toilet paper was transformed into dough.

Pour the soapy, colored water on top of the toilet paper and mush and hand mix it all together until you are happy with the consistency of your dough.

The final step is to add the glitter and mix it all in.

Voila you have Glitter dough!

Make your own glitter dough this holiday season!

For a little extra fun for playing with the dough, I added sugar cookie molds and some jingle bells I had sitting around. I know something is a hit when it gets played with more than once. The glitter dough has received that particular nod of approval.

Funny side story about the glitter dough, last night a visitor to our house thinking this was cookie dough tried to sneak a nibble! For being made out of soap and toilet paper it actually does really look like cookie dough!

Happy Holidays



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  1. I am on the slowest Internet connection EVAH right now and none of the pictures will load!!!! #thestruggleisreal

    I shouldn’t complain because this cabin in the absolute middle of nowhere does at least HAVE Internet but still, I want to see the magic! I’ll check back in when we get back to decent bandwidth. :)
    Sarah Nenni Daher recently posted…Infinity Scarf for KidsMy Profile

  2. I dont know why, but at first I thought this was cookie dough… and then i saw toilet paper in the ingredients, haha!

      1. I think if I allowed my 3-year-old to unroll the toilet paper, we would never have a complete roll EVER again. Glad I came back to this post… my mother-in-law got me 40 rolls of TP for my 40th birthday – I definitely have enough TP to make this. LOL

        Thank you for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

        Wishing you a lovely week.
        Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…Love NotesMy Profile

    1. Author

      Thanks Ashley! It is great, hands on and messy fun. There was glitter hanging out in the kitchen for days! Just doing my part to add to the magic of Christmas :)

      P.S. Just read the article you ladies have on Huff Post today, so heartfelt and touching. Thanks for always bringing the real and the good!
      Jen recently posted…Make Your Own Christmas Glitter Dough My Profile

  3. At first I was sort of grossed out it was TP. But then I remembered I’m a mother and pretty much nothing grosses me out anymore now that I’ve given birth and been pooped and vomited on!

    I love that it uses ivory soap. That is one amazing product! Have you tried blowing it up in the microwave? A quick but fun event!
    Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom recently posted…Memories are Made in Christmas PJsMy Profile

  4. Author

    Haha! Yup, motherhood lowers our whole gross out level for sure.

    I hear you, I had to try it just because of the toilet paper! I was intrigued as to how the ingredients in the mud would congeal into play dough, but it worked! Mind blowing!

    Oh yes we are big fans of the whole Ivory soap in the microwave experiment. Although my microwave might not enjoy it quite so much :)
    Jen recently posted…Make Your Own Christmas Glitter Dough My Profile

  5. Hi Jen, I am gutted that there are no rent a young child agencies on the island as I would love to have a go at making this glitter dough. I can imagine that squishing it all together is fun in itself. Water thick with dissolved soap and soggy toilet roll, what’s not to like!

    I suggested it to my daughter who just rolled her eyes and shook her head….Oh, why do they have to go and grow up?…

    One question though; does it have to be kept in an airtight container to keep it malleable?

    1. Author

      I think it’s shelf life is probably only about a week and then it might become a big mildewy mess.

      I have to tell you a funny story, last night we were going to do something as a family and the children were complaining. My husband with perfect deadpan comedic timing looked at them and said, ” Be quiet. We are trying to make family memories here.” I busted out laughing and laughed so hard I cried.
      Jen recently posted…Make Your Own Christmas Glitter Dough My Profile

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