Mommy Reality #22: What’s For Breakfast Mom?

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Hopefully you didn’t miss out on all of the fun of our very spooky Mommy Reality challenge post this last Friday wherein Celeste has challenged us Moms to share what we really eat for breakfast.

Celeste shared she eats noodles for breakfast.

I think it probably looks more like this, doesn’t it Celeste?

Anyway, let me show you what breakfast looks like around the JENerally Informed house.

It looks like this.

And a lot like this……

Just kidding, remember this little tweet from a while back?

Yes indeed I did catch my oven on fire while making a birthday cake for my daughter Samantha. It takes some serious skills to do that, save the cake and not burn down the house I tell you.

So all domesticity aside, here is my mommy reality for breakfast, well at least what happened today…

Plus a few of these on the side.

Cue the music! Feel free to dance along while you eat your breakfast, oh and you’re welcome.

It’s your turn! Come share what you really eat for breakfast.

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!




  1. We had yogurt this morning. Usually it’s cereal, although lately Eggo’s and bagels have been tempting the kids out of bed. Mind you, I don’t prepare any of this. The kids do it themselves (and help each other out) thank goodness!
    Rabia @TheLiebers recently posted…Happy Halloween 2014My Profile

    1. Author

      Yup, all good things to have for breakfast, now it would have been even better with an added peanut butter cup or two! I saw a chart this morning about how many sit-ups, crunches etc. you would have to do in order to counteract the Halloween candy you ingest. Wow, what a buzzkill, isn’t running around after kids and animals enough for a little chocolate reward or two or maybe three a day?

  2. Oh no! Can’t believe that happened, but that is something that would totally happen in my life! Breakfast is always tough in my house. I had dreams of cooking nice breakfast options everyday, but sleep always wins out! ha ha Great post!
    Michelle recently posted…Our First Halloween with a ToddlerMy Profile

  3. Gotta love the Pop Tarts but I usually eat those as a midnight snack and not for breakfast! ( ; However the peanut butter cups just might be added to the Wednesday menu at my house…

    I died laughing when I watched the video of the babies with pasta as I totally envisioned Celeste looking more like that.

    Lysa recently posted…Blonde “Problems”My Profile

  4. I mix oats with plain, fat free yoghurt and forest berries. And wash it down with a coffee so strong you could stand your spoon in it!

    Nicola (fellow co-host)
    Barefoot Mahala recently posted…What Am I?My Profile

  5. Hi Jen, I am really not sure what to make of the iced cracker things…The icing looks nice, but the cracker looks like polystyrene! I like the look of the chocolate cup cakes though, not sure I would have them for breakfast though…Sugar rush like no other, I expect…

    My breakfast is pretty unexciting most days, but on a Friday anything can happen. Doughnuts, pizza or anything else I fancy I will have on a Friday..So I will take a shot of Fridays breakfast and link up with the #MommyReality…As I don’t think a shot of two Weetabix and a banana or a bowl of porridge is that exciting….I feel like a total let down!
    Debbie recently posted…Pleased…My Profile

      1. How on earth can a Mum of four not drink coffee? Superhuman abilities maybe? I never drank coffee before having children, but since having the little darlings I like to start my day with a large black coffee. In fact that is the only way I’ll start my day…
        Debbie recently posted…Mommy Reality #22 – Mummy BreakfastMy Profile

  6. Love your pictures, Jen! I laughed all the way down through them. I have been going crazy with Halloween candy and lattes for breakfast lately. Halloween is not a good time of year for me :). I just can’t stop. Every year I say I’m going to get rid of it all 2-3 days after Halloween. Never happens…
    Candace recently posted…Choosing ThankfulnessMy Profile

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