Return of Man-day- Daddy Reality

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All original memes, posted without comment:














Well, no comment except for this:



    1. Yep I have 3 years before she even starts dating and I’m already displeased with the state of today’s young men. . .

    1. It takes a very secure woman to question a man and his overall plumbing strategy.

    1. I just pray that they eventual boyfriend is a step above your average zombie.

  1. haha! These are great. I ate 7-11 tacos once. And I survived. I don’t even think I had a stomachache. Ah, youth.
    I was an Innkeeper in San Francisco and they learned these fail-proof plunging techniques around the times of the great earthquakes. I learned them. I’ve never found a toilet I can’t plunge. And we only have one plunger!
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    1. See the thing is, do you use the same plunger you use for your toilet to plunge your sink? Ideally you would have three plungers because the kitchen sink has two drains that are connected and you would need to use two plungers for that job. Not pictured is my 20 foot long plumbing snake for really difficult issues. I also have a torch to “sweat” any copper joints I need to repair. I get a lot of mileage on the plumbing portion of my mancard.

    1. Balderdash! We can navigate directly to the man aisle where they keep the drinks and snacks. . .

    2. I have to agree with Jen’s Guy, slightly. Not only can I navigate grocery stores on military bases, in the civilian sector, but I can also do it in forgien countries. I know where everything is from the sugar, to the best prices at the butcher counter. Nevermind that it usually takes a man (in our household) to carry the water bottles and lug *all* the groceries up 2 flights of stairs.
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  2. A man’s method of cooking is similar to his method of thinking; everything goes in at once. I know that my man card has been revoked for not knowing any of those 20 year olds and for not liking what they do. I sadly fall into those small percentages of males who loathe team sports and all they stand for. My weekends are more determined by the amount of alcohol I can hide in my coffee and how much coffee I can get away with drinking. Too bad it’s limited to no more than 4 cups of coffee and we don’t keep alcohol in the house.
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    1. I wholeheartedly endorse the participation of more men on this here blog site! We do need more men who love team sports (and Kristen, of course) for me to justify my six part division by division NBA preview on Jenerally Informed, however. . .

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    1. Thanks, they were fun to make. I could do an entire post on Zombie apocalypse preparations, which I just might. Since you have tremendous strength in your hands, you can be invited to the compound. That strength will be useful arming crossbows.

      1. Oooooh, crossbows! Nice!

        I have two good friends who are sister-in-laws to each other and they have their own zombie apocalypse plans and they WILL NOT tell anyone (including each other) what their plans are – the fear is that others would infiltrate their plans OR that if someone they told turned into a zombie, that some memory would be retained and their plans would be foiled.

        Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop!

        Wishing you a lovely weekend.
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    1. Yeah, but just around the edges. Generally (Jenerally, heh) however, the good and fun is there for everyone.

  4. Love them all, but the first three are my favourites….You’ll be surprised at how long a woman can go without asking for help to remove a lid though.
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  5. LOL these are hilarious. I know for a fact my husband pretends he doesn’t know how to properly do things so he doesn’t have to do them. And I do frequently need help opening the jar. Dang it
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  6. My hubby and I read these together and not only related to every meme on here but got a great giggle/laugh out of them as well. They were HILAR and I know my husband is now wishing he had some computer skills so he could make some of his own. Thanks for helping to brighten our evening with a smile!

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