Mommy Reality: Why Can’t I Get Rid Of This Crap!

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For this new Mommy Reality challenge Celeste has asked that we all share something we can’t get rid of. I have to admit that I throw junk out all of the time. If it gets left on my counter for longer than a few days, I toss it.  My tossing habits have at times caused Jensguy to get a little grumpy, but Happy Wife, Happy Life, right?

Although I am a self proclaimed “QueenMom” of de-cluttering, there are a few dark and hidden spaces in our home where crap still flourishes and thrives.

As evidence of this, let me introduce you to our board game cabinet:  


Here’s why this cabinet is a Crap Central:

1. There are 2 Lite Brite sets in this cabinet, one of which is totally broken.

2. Also plentiful are card games and board games that are missing the majority of the set, yet here they sit.

3. Puzzles, truthfully I only have the attention span for chunky toddler puzzles that take about a minute to complete. Why then am I saving ones with more than 500+ pieces?

4. Games that my children do not enjoy playing and never will.

5. Two versions of Candy Land. Really?

P.S. There’s one more itty, bitty little thing I can’t get rid of. Remember my favorite “Mom-Wear”?

Well the shorts are worse than ever and even though I promised Jensguy that they would be gone after I received my new Victoria’s Secret sport pants, well they are still in the house, but please don’t tell him….


YOUR TURN: Get to sharing your own hot mess of crap cherished momentos,  Mama!

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  1. Those shorts have years of wear in them still, they aren’t what I would consider indecent yet…We had a games cupboard looking rather similar to yours up until we had a good sort out last year – well, half a good sort out, there were still games I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of.

    I must Google what Lite Brites are as I feel like I’m missing out on something!
    Debbie recently posted…RingwormMy Profile

    1. Author

      My shorts still are so soft and when I put them on they fit so nicely. Even with the big glaring holes.

      I just can’t get rid of them… yet. Jensguy though would toss them in a second if he could!

      Oh yes, Lite Brites are amazing little colored pieces of plastic you stick into a board that has holes and a light. It lights up the pieces and you can create illuminated art work. Awesome, right!!
      Jen recently posted…Dear Blogger: You Are Totally Missing The Boat!My Profile

    1. A-Freakin’ Men! I’ll leave the key under the black rock by the front porch for you so you can nab them when she isn’t here. And since I am the victim here, I like Snickerdoodles. . .

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