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This weekend the JENerally Informed family spent our Saturday at a 4H Fur and Feathers show. My daughter Samantha is part of the rabbit project and has a bunny named Lance-A-Lop. Lancey as we call him for short, is quite frankly equal parts diva and equal parts gangster. If he could talk our family is fairly sure that our ears would burn from all he would have to say.

If you are unfamiliar with 4H, it is a youth organization aimed at strengthening and encouraging youth. There are animal projects, technology and science projects, food and baking, photography, archery and many more projects too numerous to name here. We have happily been a part of this organization since Samantha was 10.

I think the pledge for 4H is lovely.

I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
and my health to better living,
for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

Only with 4H can you have moments like we had this Saturday:

Meeting a 3 week old baby goat like this little guy. My children now want one!

Watching your toddler completely and happily dig in the barnyard dirt.

There tends to be a lot of waiting when you are at a 4H competition, so you have to find ways of entertaining yourself. If it is close to Halloween then you might go ahead and dress your rabbit up in different costumes!

We would like to introduce you to the Grumpy Rabbit. Please note that this is his International Debut…..

Meet the Gangsta rabbit!

Now he is the Cheshire cat!

Um, as a bunny?

One of our favorite parts of 4H competitions is watching the goats. They are hilarious! We think managing our gangsta bunny is difficult, but Lancey does not need to jump over bars and be wrangled into cages in order to be judged.

If you have never watched a goat do an agility course make sure to check out this video.

Don’t laugh, this could be coming soon to you as regular programing on ESPN 8, “The Ocho!”

To end this post with a bang here is a picture collage of a few of the goats sporting some pretty nifty Halloween duds. (We still think Lancey the Grumpy Rabbit had the cutest costumes, but these guys and gals are pretty cute.)

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!




  1. Ok, those goats totally made me smile and get a good laugh. Looked like such fun time and can’t thank you enough for sharing this with us :)

  2. Aww!! I was a 4-H kid.
    My friends got two bunnies and I got to hold them yesterday. Apparently, they will be in Halloween costumes on Friday. Can’t wait to see what.
    Tamara recently posted…My Other Ex.My Profile

  3. I think I’m going to pass out from the cuteness.

    Growing up in Texas, 4H was big however, I am going to have to take it up with my parents that I never got a rabbit. Or a baby goat.

    My childhood is ruined. :)
    Sarah Nenni Daher recently posted…Fall Leaf CraftsMy Profile

  4. That name: Lance-A-Lop, I love it! His costumes are awesome too. Your daughter is so adorable. Isn’t it amazing how much they can be distracted by simple things like barnyard dirt! Looks like you had a great time. I agree that 4H is a wonderful organization!
    Candace recently posted…DIY Elliott & ET CostumeMy Profile

  5. Hi Jen, 4H sounds like a great organization to be a part of and I love the pledge too.

    I have always had a soft spot for bunnies, we had two large house/garden/anywhere they wanted to go rabbits until a few years ago. They were my pride and joy. They are far more interesting than people give them credit for. I think Lance-A-Lop (love the name) looks more like cool rabbit than grumpy rabbit. I swear he is smiling when wearing his bunny costume!

    I have a feeling that goat agility won’t become an Olympic sport anytime soon, but the clip was fun to watch.
    Debbie recently posted…Why I Blog…My Profile

  6. How fun Jen! I haven’t been to a 4H show since I lived in Iowa and I covered them all for the newspaper. I always enjoyed watching and often times helping the kids out with their animals. It is such a great organization and had never really heard much about it, except for the Arizona State Fair, until I moved to Iowa. They do not offer it at my daughter’s school as I assume is because we live in the BIG city. Hahaha I enjoyed all the pictures you shared…thanks for making me smile!

    I hope you are enjoying your evening!

    Lysa recently posted…The Walrus ShowMy Profile

    1. Author

      How fun would that be to cover the shows for a news story! My daughter is part of a community club. I don’t know if it is offered through schools here, maybe in more rural areas, although I guess we are pretty close to a whole bunch of farms.

      Thanks for visiting and hope you have a nice evening too!
      Jen recently posted…Mommy Reality #22: What’s For Breakfast Mom?My Profile

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