Tales Of A Middle School Mom

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An unavoidable truth of motherhood is that our precious little babies do not stay that way for very long. No matter how much we wish we could freeze the process and stop their aging, we can’t and they will grow up.

Thirteen years ago my first Princess was born. I remember looking at the tiny preemie baby in my arms and wondering in horror how I was going to take care of her! She was my initiation into motherhood and yes there were quite a few bumps and rough patches (GASP) as I learned my way.

This year is a big year for my oldest she has entered 7th grade and will be turning 13 next week. How could she have grown so fast from this,

To this!

On another note, how could I be old enough to have a middle schooler?? That’s just not right!

So no expert am I on parenting teenagers, but here are a few of the truths I have found out about living with a teen:

1. At this stage your teen probably has all of the answers for everything. Sadly, you are not truly as wise or all knowing as they are. It’s best to accept this state and smile, your Mother and Father did and karma has a way of repaying us our past sins, no?

2. You do not own the radio in whatever vehicle you are driving in. Luckily my girl and I have similar tastes in music, but if I have to listen to Katy Perry crooning ROAR one more time, so help me…….

3. Your driving now stinks and your teen will more than likely inform you of it, repeatedly.

4. A good way to bring humility back into your teen’s life is to roll the windows down while driving and sing loudly at the top of your lungs, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” or other such songs.

My husband and I have also found a very effective way to promote good teenaged behavior is to threaten showing up at their school and perform a choreographed song and dance routine. We have chosen this as our piece and it’s still in play for the first time we drop her off at High School.


I KNOW we would do an awesome job!

5. Technology! Their unrelenting dedication in the search for “wisdom” on their phones, Kindles, laptops and iPad is truly something to behold, just not at dinner time, in the car, hiding with them in their beds when they should be sleeping or seeing a piece of technology laying right outside the shower door should someone need to contact them while they are in there.

Luckily, my teen is a really good girl and she and I are great friends. A few nights ago she and I were chatting about the new Dora show on Nickelodeon. She was sad to see her hero of younger years growing up, but very wisely she looked at me and said. ” I guess everyone grows up Mom”.

Yes, yes they do my lovely.

If you are the mother of a middle schooler enjoy the ride and good luck!

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!




  1. Oh man, Jen, how do you handle it? A middle school girl! Yeesh. All I can think of is when I was in middle school/early high school and the trouble I put my mom through… no fun!

    I’ll be interested to hear more about your experiences… my oldest is only 6 and I’m already scared of him getting older! I know you can handle it, though, you’re super mom. =)
    Brittany Bullen recently posted…9 Parenting Hacks for Ridiculously Busy PeopleMy Profile

    1. Author

      The fun you have to look forward to!

      I have had to dye my hair more repeatedly as of late, that definitely can’t be because I am getting old and lays entirely at the feet of my children and teen, right?
      Jen recently posted…Tales Of A Middle School MomMy Profile

  2. Our son is turning 12 this year and we will have to deal with a teenager next year! So far, he has been the good child (unlike his sister and brother who get into trouble even while sleeping!) but I’m afraid Murphy’s law will catch me there yet again and he will be the complete opposite when teen years hit!
    Ana Lynn recently posted…5 Budget Friendly Breakfast IdeasMy Profile

  3. I am looking forward to gleaning even more wisdom as she heads off on this next big adventure! The best tip I ever heard was to not let kids/teens charge their phones in their room overnight. So many gadgets now! I can only imagine what will be the obsession in 12 years.
    Farrah recently posted…Toddler Playroom Design IdeasMy Profile

  4. Wait.. You mean to tell me Dylan is going to be thirteen one day? In the blink of an eye!? I’m going to go cry now….okay I’m back. Your daughter is beautiful and I can only hope I’ll be as close to Dylan as you are to her. I don’t want to be shut out by a *gulp* teenager

    1. Author

      I can’t believe how fast my daughter became a teenager. I blinked and here we are! When in the middle of toddlerhood and babyhood you never think those days will end and I used to laugh when people would tell me to enjoy those days, but it’s true! It goes by so very fast!
      Jen recently posted…Mommy Reality #16: What Are You Buying MomMy Profile

  5. Haha, it’s true you don’t get control of the radio anymore. I have learned a trick to get them to change the station though. If I don’t like the song, I just start singing along and maybe dance a little. They quickly move off that station! :) Parents singing and dancing are just too embarrassing!
    normaleverydaylife recently posted…Grandparent’s DayMy Profile

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