Mommy Reality #17: Pillow Power

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Welcome to a new edition of Mommy Reality!

If you are new to the Mommy Reality Challenge we are so glad to have you joining us!

The Mommy Reality Challenge is a way for us Moms to share the real in our lives and be proud about it.

This week Celeste asked us to share the last thing we spent money on. Celeste proudly displayed her Happy Meal purchases for her girls and Jen displayed her lack of domestic ability by sharing this week’s purchases of stain removers and oven cleaner after she caught her oven on fire while making a birthday cake for her daughter! Nice!

We also saw a cute little round table that went right back to the store, home decor purchases, Halloween goodies and more! It really is quite amazing what Mom’s buy in a week’s time! Thanks to this last week’s special co-hosts the ladies at Just A Touch of Crazy for joining us as we watched the #mommyreality purchases come rolling in!

Now to award this week’s Mommy Reality Challenge #16 Winner!!

Our winning picture comes via Facebook from Janine of Encourage Play for the very nicely detailed pictures of her shopping trip for their family’s first cousin sleepover! We were glad to see all of those healthy snacks for the children alongside the adult bottle of ” big people elixir” that might be needed to calm parental nerves as the night progressed.

Our runner up goes to Farrah the Reflective Mama for her truthful concession via Instagram that our dreams of well designed homes frequently get pushed to the side and more often than not instead become giant play zones for our children.

Thanks to these ladies for linking up and to all of our wonderful Moms who participate in the Mommy Reality challenge every week!

Here is your meme Janine and since you’re the winner, you now have the opportunity to join the Mommy Reality team by co-hosting next week’s Challenge! We hope you’ll accept!

 Time for the next challenge!

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A few weeks ago we announced a change to our format! The winner of our Mommy Reality Challenge would get to join the Mommy Reality Team for the following week as our co-host!

Introducing this week’s co-host!

Echo From Domain Of The Mad Mommy

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As a reminder, Echo won the won the what Lies Beneath The Sofa Challenge.

Echo is great fun and has dubbed herself the queen of crazy as she “lost a bit of her mind years ago and then, lost the rest when she had children”! Her blog covers her life and a wide range of fabulous topics. If you haven’t visited her before, go now!

Our new Mommy Reality Challenge Theme: “How many pillows are REALLY on your bed?”

A little insider-scoop about how the Mommy Reality Challenge posts work; Celeste and Jen each alternate writing it every week and then pass the HTML code for the post to the other person and the special co-host so everybody can post on their blogs at the same time each Friday morning. The person who writes the post for the week also picks the theme and puts a little example photo on the post.

Well, it is Jen’s turn this week, and this theme is inspired by a conversation she and her husband had this week after Jen bought a “few” new pillows.

It goes as follows:

Jensguy: Wait, what’s with all the pillows?

Jen: It’s what big people do with their bed.

Jensguy: There’s like 9 pillows. . .Do you plan on company?

Well, a week later I had to let him know that there were RULES for each pillow. . .

Anyway, we want to know how many pillows YOU have on your bed as this seems to be a phenomenon that affects men and women everywhere.

Don’t Forget! If you’re sharing your photos via social media, make sure to include the #mommyreality hashtag so we can find you and come back and link your picture up here so everyone can share in the goodness!

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    1. Author

      No my husband would like that, your husband probably appreciates your minimalist approach! Feel free to snap a pic still my husband would be overjoyed to have me be shamed enough into pulling some down off our bed!!
      Jen recently posted…Mommy Reality #17: Pillow PowerMy Profile

  1. I got to apologize, i really do keep meaning to link up, but with the girls starting school up these past two weeks now have been a blur. I promise to join once I get this new schedule down and things calm down here. But I will tell you this totally made me giggle, because my husband always busts my chops about the amounts of pillows on our bed with the throw pillows that came with the bed set. I will tell you, we have a total of 7 pillows from it and I never quite here the end of it here either! :)

  2. I think I was equally besotted with the kid snacks. I do have the palate of a five-year-old. Is that a chocolate pumpkin?? And popcorn?? Yes, please.
    And.. yes.. with the adult side too.
    My pillow has.. (runs to check) six pillows on it. It’s a king!
    Tamara recently posted…A Really Pumped Up Ask Away Friday.My Profile

    1. Author

      I know I totally agree, I would like to be at her cousins party!

      Six pillows, see there are three for you and three for him or maybe one or two for a spare child hanging out in there :) Anyway, sounds like a good healthy number to me!
      Jen recently posted…Mommy Reality #17: Pillow PowerMy Profile

  3. I always love seeing your weekly mommy reality pictures, Jen :). What a fun link up! One of these weeks I’ll have to jump in. I have an insane number of pillows on and beside my bed. My hubby is having a hard time finding some he really likes so he swaps them out a lot.
    Candace recently posted…DIY House Art in PicMonkeyMy Profile

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  5. Hilarious! If I could have more pillows I would. My hubby WILL NOT allow more than our two sleeping pillows and the one decorative pillow. Even with the decorative pillow, he always tosses it onto my side of the bed for me to “deal with”. LOL – it’s hilarious that there’s this difference which seems common between men and women!

    Loved this!
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…Body, Mind, and Soul – September 2014My Profile

  6. I have just two pillows on our king size bed, but I keep extras on the side, just in case. I got them when I was pregnant, and still (over four years later) occasionally use them to make myself more comfortable at night, will post them to facebook and link up later today!!
    Janine Halloran recently posted…Processing Coping SkillsMy Profile

    1. Author

      I know sometimes a good pillow or two just makes things so much more comfy at night. I have been learning with this challenge though that quite a few husbands/men agree with my husband’s mantra of less is more when dealing with pillows!

      So glad you linked up and can’t wait for you to co-host this coming challenge!
      Jen recently posted…Victoria’s Secret Sport Voxbox From InfluensterMy Profile

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