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This week the Southern Arizona community has been bracing itself for the after effects of Hurricane Odile. Community wide we saw graphics like this to make sure we did not take this situation lightly.

Do you see that big green swath with the words CATASTROPHIC FLOODING? Yeah, that’s where I live….

This morning as Jensguy and I watched the news we made some preparations. We made sure that all of our elderly family members were taken care of. That they had flashlights and adequate water and food supplies. Then we double checked our own reserves and made sure we were ready.

I’m writing this post early in the evening and the storm has not hit us yet. We are still watching the weather reports and there is a possibility that the storm may be significantly less volatile upon reaching our community than originally predicted. This is good news!

Today as we prepared my husband and I discussed what we would take with us should we have to evacuate our home. I have thought about this before, but it seemed a little more important to really seriously think about it this time.

As I thought about what I would take with me if I had to leave not only our home, but all of the keepsakes and treasures within it’s walls, these were the only “things” that really mattered.


and these 2 rascals.

I hope we are never faced with the reality of needing to leave our home and losing everything we own, but if we did I know we would be fine.

I have a plaque on my kitchen wall and it really is my mantra, ” The most important things in life aren’t things.”

The night is still young and there is plenty of storm still coming and I know so very much can change between right now and the first rays of the morning sun. As a family our family prayers tonight were to ask for blessings on those who have already been affected by this storm, to keep us safe and together as a family and to help us be of service to those who need it.

For now I am going to tuck those I love most in the world into bed with hugs and kisses and see what the night holds in store for us.





  1. Aww, Jen hoping you are safe and you are so right about what is truly important. We had Hurricane Sandy hit us a few years ago and still remember how scary it was, but still was never so glad to have my family with me safe and sound. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way now!
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    1. Author

      We survived last night unscathed, but unfortunately several neighboring communities were severely hit. We are still expecting large amounts of rain and some possible flooding, but for now things looks good! Thanks for the good wishes!
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  2. Don’t know how I missed this post, but I agree entirely – you have such a great family and they’re all that matters, ultimately. I’m so glad that the storm skirted around you.

    PS – Elise was sitting on my lap as I was reading this and she saw Liese and said, “Can I be friends with her?” How cute is that?!
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  3. We had the same thing happen to us up in Phoenix just the week before with the freeways turning into lakes and the poor people whose homes and all of their belongings ruined.

    I am glad you all made it through the storm and are safe and sound. When you talked about what you would take if you had to evacuate I got teary eyed. I couldn’t imagine having to chose just a few things to take with me and pray for the best. I’m sure a million emmotions ran through you as you discussed it with Jensguy.


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    1. Author

      I saw those pictures of the freeway, crazy! This storm was brutal!

      We were really grateful that the worst of the storm missed us and we didn’t have to follow through on our plans, but at least just having made the plans really helped bring clarity to what really did mattered.
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  4. Hi Jen, I hope that you, your family, friends and neighbours managed to ride the storm safely. And I do love your wall plaque mantra, it’s so true. Belongings can always be replaced to a certain extent, but loved ones and pets can’t.

    One year people on the island here, were advised to keep an emergency bag ready by the door as we were in the midst of an earthquake storm and the top seismologists were expecting a biggy to strike. The children were small at the time and it did make us think about the things that really matter in life.

    Luckily a ”biggy” never hit the island, but the threat is always there and every time we get a large tremour it makes us think about saving the things that matter. People and pets.
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    1. Author

      Oh how scary! Waiting for the “biggie” would be super scary!

      In my adult life I had never had an experience like this before. Sure, we have 72 hour kits and emergency essentials on the ready, but I have never had to actually use them.

      It may sound crazy, but thinking about this was good for me. I now know exactly what I would grab and to heck with everything else!
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  5. Yikes!!!!!!!!!! Natural disasters are so scary because they are uncontrollable and unpredictable. It sounds like you have a great plan and your priorities are definitely in order! I am just catching up on reading blogs right now and I’m sorry I missed this!
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