My Mommy Reality Includes Junk

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Last week Celeste and I had so much fun by ourselves with the Mommy Reality challenge I thought we deserved our own special meme! Thanks Leilani of Just a Touch of Crazy for your great tutorial on how to do this!

Love you Celeste. Moving on…………

This week’s Mommy Reality challenge is all about showing the junk that we as Mom’s seem to accumulate. Hence, the creation of the infamous junk drawer.

I really like to have an organized and clean house, but with all of the people and animals living in my home there are far too many places where junk/crap has been stashed. It’s a losing battle around here and in good Mommy Reality fashion I recognize when I have been bested and need to throw in the towel.

So, since I am a “junking” over achiever and all…. not really, but truthfully the amount of junk I have floating around here does not even fit into just one measly junk drawer.

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!



Come and play with us this week and show us your hidden stashes of junk!


  1. I love the Meme!

    Now they are what I call junk drawers, you should be proud! Ours look like that before Hubby Dearest loses the fight against his urge to clear them out and tidy them up.

    Looks like it’s a better #mommyreality turn out this week!
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  2. I just submitted via your FB wall, Jen.

    I’d also like to say that had I not been on vacation all the way across the country, I would have been the winner of last week’s challenge. By default maybe, but I still would have proudly rocked that title! I have a great picture of a “REALISTIC” Unicorn Horn, discovered while shopping.

    Other people were drawn to it by my incessant and uncontrollable laughter, but they didn’t get it… That made me laugh even harder.
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    1. Author

      A unicorn hat, no joke!! That totally would have won.

      Did the family visit go well and did Elise travel well?

      P.S. My junk wants to swap places with your junk!
      Jen recently posted…Blog Staycation Link-Up!My Profile

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