Mommy Reality Challenge #12: When Photos Fail

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Boom. Here we go again!


In last week’s Mommy Reality Challenge, Jen commanded that we expose the contents of our purses to the world! We had many participants! Some of you posted your purse pics in a blog post which you linked to the “Mommy Reality” post, and some of you posted pics with the #mommyreality hashtag on Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Facebook!

Once again, we can only pick one challenge winner! The “What a Mom’s Purse Looks Like” winner is …….

Natasha from Tiny Tots Adventures!

When Natasha informed us that the Nipple Cream in her bag worked well on chapped lips when you’re out of lip balm, we all went, “Wha, wha- WHAAAT?!” But, sure enough! Natasha is on to something! Google it and see for yourself!


Here’s your meme, Natasha! And since you’re the challenge winner, you have the opportunity to be our co-host on next week’s post! We hope you’ll join us!

Mommy reality meme

Our runner-up slot goes to Echo from Domain of the Mad Mommy because we were ultra-impressed at how many essentials she could cram in her bag!


Now it’s time for the next challenge!

retro mommyreality
Meet the Mommy Reality Team!

Jenerally Informed

Jen from JENerally Informed:
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Leapfrog and  Lipgloss

Celeste from Leapfrog and Lipgloss:
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NEW! Last week we announced a change to our format! The winner of our Mommy Reality Challenge would get to join the Mommy Reality Team for the following week as our co-host!

Introducing our very first co-host!


Farrah from Reflective Mama!
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On Reflective Mama, Farrah blogs about her journey as a first time mama to an adorable baby boy and offers various tips and insights she’s learned along the way! We’re thrilled that you’re joining us this week, Farrah!

Our new Mommy Reality Challenge is… “When Photos Fail”!

There are moments you want to capture of your children to preserve them to treasure forever and ever. A birthday celebration, a special trip, fun times with friends…

…..And then for whatever reason the photo ends up looking something like this:

Celeste Photo Fail

Maybe the kids weren’t cooperating, a thumb was over the lens… or you just, plain and simple, straight-up STANK at taking their photo that time, Mama!

Whatever the reason they turned out terribly, we want to see! Link up to 3 photos this week of your photo failures of your family or kiddos! If you’re sharing your photo failures via social media, make sure to include the #mommyreality hashtag so we can find you and come back and link your picture up here so everyone can share in the goodness!

Don’t forget to grab our super-nifty button!


✔ *By submitting your pic, you are giving the Mommy Reality Team permission to use your photo to create a special silly meme for you if you win! :). If you win, you also have the to opportunity to be our co-host!

✔ **The Mommy Reality team and our special co-host are VERY diligent in pinning, posting, and sharing the link-up participation every week, so make sure to follow us on our social media channels so you won’t miss out!

We encourage you to visit a couple other Mommy Reality participants in the link-up and leave meaningful comments! The best part of this link-up is that we’re a community of real moms with a sense of humor about ourselves!


  1. I need to upload Emma’s first Christmas family photo shoot at JC Penny for this challenge if I can, because I am not kinding whe I say at 4 months old she was just plain miserable and couldn’t get her to smile in one photo. It was awful and the photographer tried to offer for us to come back, but after a long wait and an even longer photo shoot there was just no way in hell I was going through that again anytime soon!
    Janine Huldie recently posted…The Pin It Party – Week 64My Profile

  2. Nipple cream!? Who knew? I don’t remember it actually soothing nipples, to be honest, so I’m glad about this.
    I was too embarrassed to show my purse – all herbal anxiety sprays and not any like.. you know… real meds. So there’s that.
    I’m sure I have a LOT of photo fails.
    Tamara recently posted…I Don’t Think We’re In Jersey Anymore!My Profile

    1. I remember the first time I was nursing and there was nothing that really worked to soothe nipples, 4 babies later still haven’t found a winner. After seeing this picture and trying it out, it did however totally work on lips. Who knew? Well, Natasha did.

      BTW- I totally have to get you hooked up with the essential oils I use for anxiety et. all.
      Jen recently posted…Mommy Reality Challenge #12: When Photos FailMy Profile

  3. So excited to be the first co-host! Thank you Jen & Celeste! I’m a little creeped out about the idea of putting lanolin on my lips… but as I’ve learned from mommy reality, sometimes you just have to go with what works!
    Farrah recently posted…The SnotsuckerMy Profile

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