Kid Approved Busy Bag

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A few months ago I participated in a co-op with a group of women to make “toddler” busy bags for our families.  This busy bag has been amazing and has managed to entertain not only the toddler, but ALL of my children with it’s contents.

I wanted to share how to make a few of the items with you today. Since time is a commodity I have very little of, all of these projects can be completed quickly and easily.

Materials needed:

Red, white, brown, green and black felt (can be purchased at your neighborhood craft or dollar store).

A good pair of scissors.

How to make the pizza:

I used a medium size bowl to make the pizza dough circle and traced and cut.

I found 2 smaller bowls to make both the sauce and cheese circles. With the cheese circles cutting the edges in a wavy shape made it look more “cheese like”

For the toppings you can be as creative as you would like and cut out your child’s favorite toppings.

Here’s a fun little ordering sheet you can use to complete the Pizza Factory!











Or to help with numbering and sequencing you can use this ordering form.

My kids love this next busy bag activity! You can use some of your leftover scraps from the pizza kitchen to make this.

Materials needed:

Cream, white, pink, and brown felt (can be purchased at your neighborhood craft or dollar store).

A good pair of scissors.

To make, use these printable pattern pieces. 

I also used a Sharpie and a ruler to make the waffle weave more visible on the ice cream cone.

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    1. Author

      I love felt, most perfect craft material ever!

      You and me both on the rain , although our rain came in a scary flash flood that hit just as I was walking to get the kids from school!
      Jen recently posted…Kid Approved Busy BagMy Profile

  1. So fun! I want to play with it. Our library has a big piece of felt glued on the front side of a puppet show booth, with a box of felt shapes to stick to it. I never knew before that felt would just stick to each other like that. Such an easy, inexpensive, and creative way to play!
    Farrah recently posted…Ice Bucket Challenge AcceptedMy Profile

    1. Author

      Thanks Farrah! Since my crafting skills are limited I have decided that felt is one of the best crafting materials ever. It is fun to play with and super easy to turn it into something. We have a big old felt board in our family room for letters and numbers for my learning readers and mathematicians!
      Jen recently posted…Kid Approved Busy BagMy Profile

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