My Forever Story

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My forever story began 16 years ago. I was one month past my 21st birthday. A baby some called me, too young to be taking this step others thought.

Jensguy although older than me, had just recently turned 24. We were both so young.

I can still remember the morning of our wedding when he took my hand and whispered in my ear how lucky he was to be marrying the most beautiful woman ever. Sixteen years later he still tells me this same thing almost daily, even on days when I feel that the grime of daily living has covered that beauty.

There have been times over the past 16 years that we have each had to be the strength the other needed in order to keep moving forward.We have cried, we have laughed, and we have loved.

Our once family of 2 has grown.

My oldest daughter, now almost a teen, has begun to ask what made me want to marry Daddy.I have told her that although young, we both knew that forever wasn’t  a promise to be made lightly. We knew that sometimes storms would rage and light would shine, but that no matter what, at the end of each day we would remain standing side by side. This is the kind of love I want her to find.

“Perfect love is perfectly patient.”- Neal A. Maxwell

My forever story isn’t perfect, but it’s mine and luckily we have forever to make it perfect.

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  1. You look positively radiant in your wedding photos and you still have the same smile on your face 16 years later..That says a lot in itself!

    At the root of any forever story are usually two people who know that life isn’t perfect and can weather the storms because they know that there is sunshine once the clouds have cleared.

    Thank you for sharing your forever story and I hope that each one of your children {and mine too} get their own forever stories too.
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    1. Author

      So true, isn’t that the hope of all mother’s everywhere we just want our children to love and be loved wherever they go in life!
      Jen recently posted…My Forever StoryMy Profile

    1. Author

      Thanks Janine, it really seems like just a few years that I have been married. It has gone by in a wave and blur as the children have come and life has marched on.

      Thanks for being such a great blogging friend .I am so glad we met!
      Jen recently posted…My Forever StoryMy Profile

    1. Author

      Thanks Tamara! I have the same problem with my phone!

      Kind of funny, but I was looking at these photos the night I read about your first wedding you shot for and had been thinking how stressful. Serious kudos to you my friend for doing that!
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    1. Author

      You have to share that story sometime! I would love to hear it.

      It’s funny sometimes I just can’t believe how we have 4 children, in some ways it seems like I am still just that 21 year old girl.
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  2. Love it, Jen! Your story is so much like mine!!! When we hit 16 years, my oldest will be 13. HOWEVER, when I hit 16 years, I’m really really really not planning to have a 1 year old still. ha! By then JD will be 5. I could actually send them ALL to school! Imagine!!! ;) Happy Anniversary!!! Beautiful wedding photos!!
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    1. Author

      We just had a yard sale and sold off all of our baby items. No more babies for us. We are getting too old and tired! I am way impressed with your home schooling this year. you are amazing!
      Jen recently posted…My Mommy Reality Includes JunkMy Profile

  3. Jen, thanks for sharing your story with us today at Tuesday Talk! I loved all your pictures and your family pic is so sweet. You’re right – no marriage is perfect but we still keep working at it, don’t we?
    You were a beautiful bride! :)
    Be sure to link back with us again next week!

  4. Jen, your wedding picture….. Gorgeous! Has anyone ever told you that you look like a young Shirley Jones? Hopefully you know who she is, I’m older than you, but if not – remember The Partridge Family? Anyways, I thought you looked like her. She was beautiful as you are. Thanks for sharing your lovely story with us on Tuesday Talk today. Glad you joined us.

  5. I love your story! And I love how your husband tells you that you’re beautiful everyday. That is so sweet! What a beautiful life you have built together – you are so blessed! Thanks for sharing this with us for Tuesday Talk! -Jessica, Sweet Little Ones

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