Week 9 Of The Mommy Reality Challenge: Life Hacks

In Mommy Reality by Jen


Can you believe that we are at week 9 of the Mommy Reality challenge!

When the Mommy Reality team began this project we started with the hope of creating a community of mom’s who would encourage and support one another on this important and difficult journey of motherhood.

It has been exciting to watch as together we have shared all of the real in our lives. Sometimes our sinks get cluttered, our cars gets messy, but through all of that and more we have seen mothers from all walks of life share what unites us, a desire to raise our children to the best of our abilities. It has been inspiring, hilarious and wonderful to watch this community of real moms grow!

Carolyn of A Lavender Life *Jen of JENerally Informed * Celeste of Leapfrog and Lipgloss


Last week we asked you to share your guilty pleasures. Those  little “me” time secrets that help to keep us functioning, happy, and {relatively} sane moms. It was fabulous to see your fridge wine, nutella jars with spoons dug in deep, chapstick hoarding, squirreled away candy bars and diet cokes. Thank you for sharing!

With so many great entries it was very tough to pick just one winner, but there was one that had us laughing and chuckling to ourselves for quite a while so the winner of this week’s Mommy Reality Challenge- Guilty Pleasures comes via an Instagram picture submitted from Jennifer The Deliberate Mom!

Here’s your meme Jennifer. This one is really good and we hope you all share it and pass the laughs around!

JENerally Informed


Our second runner up comes from Kristen of Ready Set Parenthood via Instagram for her seriously awesome mom swag cup. Extra points for not spilling on the sleeping toddler or computer Kristen!

Now it’s time for a new Mommy Reality Challenge…..

This week we are asking you to share your mommy super knowledge.   We want to know your “life hacks” those time saving tips, tricks and secrets you employ that help you as a mom.

For example, Jen makes some pretty good rolls. She will bring these rolls to dinner parties never to see them actually make it to the table, but will receive a licked clean platter from the host at the end of the party. They have become legendary and to this point everyone thinks she hand makes them. Yeah, well she does touch them for about 30 seconds in order to make them, but here is her little life hack for making perfect rolls:


Buy a bag of Rhodes rolls. Coat a pan with oil. Place rolls in pan. Let rolls rise a few hours. Cook.

Ta-da!! Now you too can have legendary rolls in 5 easy steps.

So grab a button, snap a pic, make a post and/or share it on a social media site with the hashtag #mommyreality and link it up below!

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