Soy Latina and a Supernatural Believer

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In case you missed it, this week’s Mommy Reality Challenge is about ALL of your little “me” time secrets and mommy guilty pleasures you use to stay sane and survive mother-hood. Here’s mine.

A lot of Hispanics LOVE soap operas, only we call them “novelas”. When I was a little girl I grew up on “soaps” both in English and in Spanish. I loved them! I remember being a kindergartener and sitting with my Abuelita watching her “telenovelas” in all the suspense my 5 year old brain could muster. Together she and I would perch on the edge of our seats watching as the bad guys spun a web full of deceit, manipulation, lots of emotion, a little kissing and some rip roaring drag out fights the heroes would have to rise above in order to triumph at the end of each telenovela.

There is another side of many Latinos you may not know about, we are Kings in the fine art of supernatural storytelling. These supernatural stories have been woven into our very being, some call it superstition, but these stories of the great unknown have been used for generations to teach lessons to our offspring, in the hopes of keeping them safe.

Stories like La Llorona (the lady who drowned her children in a bout of crazy jealousy) and the Chupacabra are used as a way to deter any trips to places we as children shouldn’t be. It’s worked pretty well, you don’t see many movies of Hispanic kids marching around the forest looking for the Chupacabra or hanging out at filled rivers and washes, just in case La Llorona might be there waiting to do you harm……

Ask any Latino, they will tell you the supernatural is not something to be messed with people.

That being said, as an adult I have carried over this honest recognition and appreciation of supernatural forces and have a guilty pleasure…..

I love Ghost stories, not your namby pamby carrying around some microphone ghost hunt or slasher ghost flicks.

I like this:

The Dead Files  – Is a real paranormal investigative show. Steve DiSchiavi is a Homicide Detective and Amy Allan is a Physical Medium who visit some of the most freaking scary locations EVER using their skills to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena.

I almost wet myself when they investigated a house that used to be a part of the original slave trade in America. Amy only does her tours of the locations at night with a single camera guy and all of her psychic reactions to the location are caught on camera.

I believe if my Abuelita was still alive today she would be sitting with me watching these and telling me see I told you it all was true!!!

Most Hispanics though would take one step in a house like that and would agree that it is definitely time to move and burn that place to the ground!

Here’s How I look when I watch these shows. Notice the box of Lucky Charms as well. Oh, and my mom-wear.

Besides the Dead Files, I have recently found on NetFlix a series called The Ghost Whisperer.

The Ghost Whisperer follows the story of Melinda Gordon a woman with a “gift” who can see and talk to the dead. She uses her gift to help the dead find closure and peace and cross over into the light.

I love both of these shows, but only watch them when no child is in sight and I am cloistered away in my room. Letting my inner supernatural loving Latina roam free.

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    1. Author

      Eeek, scary! My husband thinks it would be a riot to have my sister and brother and I, also supernatural believers tour something like that. Not anytime soon…. Go brave Celeste! Going to watch it though :)
      Jen recently posted…Soy Latina and a Supernatural BelieverMy Profile

  1. Totally used to watch soap operas and even nighttime soaps, like Dallas with my mom, too as a kid and will tell you my mom still loves her soaps and if I had enough time in the day, I definitely would sit and watch with her, because such great memories, such as watching Luke and Laura’s wedding on General Hospital with her back in the day. So, I definitely can relate to this and how. ;)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Confessions Summer Reading ListMy Profile

  2. HAHA! I married into a mexican family so I know all about the supernatural law that governs life. You never mess with spirits! When you said burn the house I cracked up! It reminds me of so many family members…lol And la lloraona…I remember the first time she was explained to me (i was an adult) I was shocked. Too good, I love this post!
    Rebecca recently posted…Ask Away Friday – THE Funniest Blogger I KnowMy Profile

    1. Author

      My oldest daughter was around 7 and my son was 4. My mother came over to the house one day and said. “Look what I found! A copy of La Llorona. Now I can read the story to the grandchildren.” Seriously, don’t mess with a Mexican and their real life horror stories!
      Jen recently posted…Soy Latina and a Supernatural BelieverMy Profile

  3. I would have never thought it was telenovelas and supernatural for you! And Lucky Charms? Come on…where are the Crunch Berries? LOL! Mine is the Bachelor, Or Say Yes to the Dress…I’m addicted to Wedding shows and home improvement shows like the Property Brothers.
    Kristen recently posted…An Open Letter to TwitterMy Profile

    1. Author

      My Hispanic roots run too deep.. Although I do like Home Improvement shows a lot as well. I have told my husband he better never say no to someone trying to do our yard or kitchen for a television show at the Home Improvement store!!
      Jen recently posted…Soy Latina and a Supernatural BelieverMy Profile

  4. I love the sound of both of these shows, I too find the supernatural fascinating, so I’ll be seeing if I can get to see them somehow. I’m not sure if I would watch them on my own though. I remember staying up late one night on my own to watch something supernatural and it was just too much for me. I don’t usually put the lights on to walk round the house at night, but that night the house looked like Blackpool Illuminations!
    Debbie recently posted…It’s Mommy Reality Time Again! #8My Profile

    1. Author

      My husband doesn’t like my shows, so sad and I think traumatic would about describe the effect if my kids watched them. Right there with you on never watching shows like that in the dark. NO WAY! I think you can watch the Dead File episodes online on the travel channel. It is Friday, so bring out your Cadbury chocolate and…….
      Jen recently posted…Week 9 Link-Up Of The Mommy Reality ChallengeMy Profile

  5. Ha! Love the pillow picture. My guilty pleasures typically reside on ABC Family. I love Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, Switched and Birth, and Chasing Life. Once Upon a Time and So You Think You Can Dance are favorites, too. My DVD is how I unwind at the end of the day!
    Farrah recently posted…The Promise of a PencilMy Profile

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