My Mommy Reality: Time To Come Clean About My Kitchen Sink

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Since becoming a mother there have been several things I have had to realize I have no control over. This is a hard cold truth for an organizational over achiever like myself. For example, I learned early on that one does not ever really control a toddler, you think you do, but they are just toying you into complacency.

I have also realized that I do not control the contents of my kitchen sink.  Over the years I have tremulously approached my sink to find contents both foreign and known floating in it’s murky waters. Once I even found a live fish in the sink placed there lovingly by my preschooler who said her fish needed more room to roam.  He did seem to be enjoying himself as he swam happily in out of my dishes and utensils.

Now I need you to promise me that before you take a look at the contents of my kitchen sink that you will share too. This is important. Make sure you back a sister up!

Ok, here we go….

You might find this in my sink:

Yes, please notice the yellow muck all over the faucet and the broken soap dispenser. Also the pump dispenser to the side is empty and yet it sits there forlornly unused.

There is also the epic battles that my husband has with the garbage disposal.  He is inches away from displaying a list of rules in bold print of what can and CANNOT be put in the garbage disposal.  Evidently, if I persist with the potato peels, I’ll be in strict violation. The children would not even bother to read the list before dumping……..

You might also find this in my sink:

Interestingly both the dishes and the baby were in at the same time, just on different sides. Oh and there was a floating object in the sink after she left that I am pretty sure was not a candy bar.

So now that you have gotten to see the truth of  what really hangs out in my sink, here’s where you can share what’s in yours :)

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  1. My mom totally used to give us baths in the sink when we were real little as our bathroom was on the second floor and she spent most of her day on the first floor. I never did this for m girls to be honest, but still like I Sid my mom totally did this for us back in the day.
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Dear Dad…My Profile

    1. Author

      We have one downstairs too, but the baby insists on feeding herself at every meal and sometimes a wipe down just doesn’t do. Even when we had a one story I washed my kidlets when they were little in the sink it’s a fun activity and easier for me to keep an eye on them rather than bending over the tub :)
      Jen recently posted…My Mommy Reality: Time To Come Clean About My Kitchen SinkMy Profile

    1. Author

      Oh, but the little present that was left on the other side after the baby finished bathing was a little frightening….. Hope we can have you link up soon!
      Jen recently posted…Jen Takes Over Man-day!My Profile

  2. Thank you for the reminder on Google+, I can’t keep up with the days.

    I didn’t manage last weeks Mommy Reality Challenge as neither of my children had moments and they weren’t going to have one just for the camera – I asked nicely too!

    Unfortunately – not really – the children are both happy as the end of their exams is in sight and then they have the looooooong summer holidays to look forward to, when I am sure there will be a moment or two to look forward to.

    I am up for this weeks challenge though and am off to take a picture of the kitchen sink as is, which I will post tomorrow.
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    1. Author

      Yes! I will take that gold star happily, as that may be the only award coming to me this week. As fpr the duckies, since these live in the kitchen they just get popped through the dishwasher, unlike the other toys that are very scary upstairs in the kid”s bathroom!
      Jen recently posted…Jen Takes Over Man-day!My Profile

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