My Mommy Reality: A Moment of Trouble

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Currently in my home there are 4 children, 1 rabbit, 1 dog, 12 fish some living in a tank inside our house and the rest are in our pond outside. Add to that 2 sleep deprived parents and a whole slew of neighborhood children and animals that frequent our house and there are very few moments I can think of that are quiet and trouble free. If the children aren’t making noise then it is the rabbit doing his nightly calisthenics at 2 a.m. or the baby who decides that 4 a.m. is really the best to time to wake- up. Trouble and a whole heaping mess of it lives here in my house. How did a nice girl like me end up in a mess like this?

So here are just a few captured moments of trouble from this week.

After reviewing these pictures it looks like the star child of the week award should go to my Rebekah who was not featured in any of these pictures.

I can’t wait to see your moments of trouble.  I am having the best time reading all of your posts, tweets and seeing your Mommy Reality pictures. If you are new to my blog you can read about the Mommy Reality Challenge here.

Enter your Mommy Reality Moment of Trouble here!

Have a great week and try to stay out of too much trouble……

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  1. I’m enjoying the mommy reality series! I could definitely swap out your kids for mine with those photos! Although the only animals in the house are the field mice who have started coming inside our place for the winter. Niiiice.

    1. Author

      Oh my gosh field mice!!! That is so much crazier than my tame little wild life. Did your kids like them or were they scared to death? I think if that had happened here more than likely I would have found a present dropped at my feet at some point by either the dog or the baby. Chances are pretty even that it would have been the baby.
      Jen recently posted…My Mommy Reality: A Moment of TroubleMy Profile

  2. This is my first time hearing about your Mommy Reality Challenge. This is such a fun idea. I’ll remember this when I post about mine. My husband and I always talk about how we want to be the house that all the kids’ friends want to come to. It sounds great to me. :) The other positive side is that you know what your kids are doing at your house even if it is destroying it! Have a great weekend. recently posted…#1 Workout for MomMy Profile

  3. Ha! What an awesome collection of craziness! I have a rabbit too… your comment on nocturnal calisthenics is SO true!

    Thanks for sharing! Wishing you a less than crazy weekend. *wink*

    1. Author

      When we first got the bunny he was in my daughter’s room. That was a bad idea. I came down one night and heard her telling him at 1 am, “I need to sleep. Why can’t you just go to sleep already?” I just about died laughing as I have had that same conversation with multiple children with as much success as she had with her bunny.
      Jen recently posted…My Mommy Reality: A Moment of TroubleMy Profile

  4. Looks like you’ve had a week…
    My Mommy Reality this week: going back and fourth between both schools, for end-of-year school functions. ;)
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  5. I’ve only just got around to checking out this weeks Mommy Reality Challenge and I really could have got some nice pouty teenage faces last week! One predictable thing about a teenager is that a pouty face is never too far away, so I am bound to get a snap in the next day or two – which could possibly be like photographing wildlife, I will have to tread very, very carefully.

    It looks as though Rebekah has learned a few foot movements from the rabbit. My favourite shot is of your little one obviously stamping her feet.
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