Airing Your Dirty Laundry: Mommy Reality Challenge #5

In Mommy Reality by Jen

Moms, you have responded to our call to action with pictures of dirty pots and pans piled high in kitchen sinks, filthy cars, messy baby faces, and mixed up meals! You have given us a glimpse into your lives and into your homes, making us proud and inspiring us to continue this real mom movement to bring an end to “The Fake Mom.”

The Mommy Reality Challenge is all about moms being honest and proud of their daily lives and encouraging others to do the same. Please don’t forget to spread the word about our challenge to your fellow moms and mom bloggers! Remember, moms without blogs can join in the fun by using #mommyreality on social media.

And now, without further delay, the winner of last week’s, “Your Kitchen Sink” Mommy Reality Challenge is…

Camille, blogger at Colorado Springs Tours and Reviews who joined via Instagram with this amazing shot of mommy sink reality:


Camille, your photographic honesty does us proud! To recognize this top #mommyreality pic for the week, we have created a special meme to honor this awesome mom. Wear it and share it proudly!


JENerally Informed


An honorable mention must be awarded to Jena Lynn of Philosophy times four for bravely capturing this real mom sink full of cloth diapers on her blog:


And now, for Mommy Reality Challenge #4: The Laundry Room!

We know what you’re thinking, that no one EVER sees your laundry room for a reason! We’re asking you to be brave here and share with us the darkest, dampest little nook of your home for the common good. Do us proud by unveiling pictures of your mixed loads, dirty socks piled as high as-STOP! Don’t you dare pick all those clothes up off the floor, first! If we can share the insides of our laundering lairs, so can you. Do it loud and do it proud. Just remember to use our #mommyreality on social media so we can find you or link up a blog post with your pic below! And by the way, if you happen to have a fairly clean laundry area, we still absolutely want you to participate in our challenge {please don’t feel like you have to go and toss a heap of clothes all over your laundry room, remember being fake is not what we’re about.}

We can’t wait to see the submissions on the link up below! Oh, and don’t forget to grab our button:

To kick off this week’s real mom Challenge, below is Carolyn from A Lavender Life’s laundry room. Having bought her home at the peak of the market, and procreating more than once since settling into a snug two bedroom home, the family is currently living compactly and the “Laundry Room” is really more of a “Laundry Closet”/toy overflow collection area.

Link up your laundry room pictures by clicking below. Then make sure to visit some of the other Mommy Reality links and show solidarity for the other brave moms willing to show the real in their lives.

*The Mommy Reality team is VERY active on social media and in participating your post/photo will be pinned, posted, linked and shared on all of our social media accounts.

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!