Airing My Dirty Laundry: Mommy Reality Challenge #5

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About a year and a half ago we moved into a new house and miracle of miracles this house that was a 2 story had the laundry room on the upper floor! This is beyond awesome since I do at least 2 loads of laundry every stinking day.

So here are my beloved beauties, the items and space I would be lost without:

And here is my laundry buddy!

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      Oh well, doesn’t everyone have a lantern hanging out in their closets? That is my husband’s attempt at making his family campers. Two years ago he went out and bought all of the camping supplies we would need, lantern included, to go camping. Children wore that thing out in 1 month flat and it died on our trip and now it sits there waiting to be fixed.
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  1. Your daughter is a doll! So cute!….And then they grow up…..

    I love seeing that we are not the only ones living in chaos, although my husband seems to think that we are! We have a box full of old batteries too, not sure why, but maybe, just maybe there’s a breath of life in one of them, just enough to power the computer mouse for a day!
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      Thankfully she is cute since she is one of the main reasons I do 2 loads a day. My little cutie can blow out an outfit in about 2 seconds flat and do that multiple times a day. Right now she is on outfit number 3 for today!
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      Hah, the iron somehow fell out of the holder last week and landed in the hamper. There was so much laundry in the hamper I could not figure out what had happened to the iron. It took a day and fully emptying the hamper to finally figure out the case of the missing iron.
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