A Boy’s Guide To Surviving Sisters

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Today my son Caleb is celebrating his first double digit birthday. Caleb is one of those special humans who is such a joy to be around. His mellow, fun loving and charming personality has made him the favorite of all of his sisters and many others girls county wide. It also doesn’t hurt that he has his Daddy’s brilliant baby blue eyes.

Caleb has been a big source of inspiration here at JENerally Informed. Have you read the LEGO post and the one about Seven Animals Who Will NEVER Be Disney Characters. Both were inspired by him.

I thought to honor the birthday boy I would pull in an old post he wrote for me over on the Practically Perfect Princess blog. It still applies today and even more so as he has since added 1 more sister/princess to his life.

How is a boy to survive a life that involves 3 sisters who think they are princesses? Here’s my son’s personal survival tips.

1. Sometimes you just have to give in and let ponies and dolls be a part of your train story.

2. Pink and purple items can only remain in your room for a short period of time, never overnight and most definitely not when you have friends over to play!

3. Even if they were mistakenly left in your sock drawer, never wear your sister’s socks to school. Others may notice the small pink stripe or pink lettering on the side and ask you why you are wearing girl socks. (Um, sorry son. I’ll pay better attention when folding the laundry in the future.)

4. Don’t let your sisters dress you up for their “stories”. EVER!

5. Sometimes a boy just needs to pretend he doesn’t hear what his sisters tell him to do.

See what a smart boy he is?

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  1. Your son is absolutely adorable – what a sweet post! I always wondered how my two boys would have done with a sister. Sounds like your son has lots of patience!
    Lana recently posted…My Son Found His PassionMy Profile

    1. Author

      I think his sisters will totally be stalking him on all of his dates and with any of his crushes. All girls will have to be on the per-approved list before allowed to date their brother!
      Jen recently posted…Sharing The Best With YouMy Profile

  2. Caleb seems to be a very wise young man. He’s learning at a young age to set fair boundaries too, which will bode well for him in the future when it comes to girls. I think my favourite rule is number four, I can’t see any good from a young boy allowing his sisters to dress him up in order for them to play out their stories, after all he has his pride!

    You’ve shared some positively lovely family pictures. The one of the four children together is nice as they all look genuinely happy and not as if they are smiling as they’ve been told to.
    Debbie recently posted…Two Months With Flossie…My Profile

    1. Author

      You are so right, learning to set boundaries is a lifelong learning process. Best if we start young, no? They really do enjoy each other and as a parent that makes me so happy. Having siblings to support you throughout life even after Mom and Dad are gone has been such a wonderful blessing in my life I hoped my children would form these same close family ties.
      Jen recently posted…Guest Post: Travel Countdown DisplayMy Profile

  3. My son could really use this advice. The poor child made the decision one day to play with my oldest daughter a few years ago… She put him in a princess dress up dress and took a picture of him inside her princess tent which she now uses to black mail him. I deleted the picture a long time ago but she still brings it up. That is why you don’t let uncles babysit… :)
    Becka recently posted…How to Host A Great Teddy Bear Tea Party with Sugar Bowl BakeryMy Profile

    1. Author

      Poor kid, I think this same scenario is exactly what my son fears. Looks like Uncle lost babysitting rights after this or was he just ensuring that your son had some of the same experiences he did as a kid? Solidarity and all.
      Jen recently posted…Guest Post: Travel Countdown DisplayMy Profile

  4. I have one girl and six boys, so I could have had her do a similar list. This is so sweet.

  5. This is cute! I have two boys that also have three sisters. We were watching home video last week of a time one of my son’s did let his sister dress him up. Very cute, but not something he’d want to show his friends! #shinebloghop
    normaleverydaylife recently posted…The Ups and Downs of SummerMy Profile

  6. Ha ha! Too funny and so sweet. I have two girls so whew… one less thing to thing about! I love that picture of you and your son. He looks like such a happy boy!

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…SHINE Blog Hop #7My Profile

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