Sometimes Dinner Isn’t Good: My Mommy Meals Reality

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The JENerally Informed family is very, very busy. In between baseball, play practice, girl and cub scouts, piano you name it we do it. At least it feels that way some times. Thus making dinner a very daunting experience for our family. I truly believe that by sitting down together and sharing our day even if it is just for 10 minutes it helps to bond and connect our family together.

Some dinners and family meal times are better than others. Take last night for example. We are finishing up baseball, but that means most every night we are out at the ball fields since the hubs coaches the kids. I thought I would prepare an easy crock-pot dish that could be eaten on the go. It is a family favorite. Except, somehow we bought a different brand of  salsa this time and so the normal beautiful creamy and orange colored enchilada chicken ended up instead being “Pepto Bismol” pink.

I have 4 kids, you’re seeing where I am going here, right……..

Here’s how dinner went:

1. Put baby in chair. Serve her up finger foods she can eat. She proceeds to throw everything off of the chair to her accomplice in crime the dog. My husband manages to get 1 raspberry, 1 blueberry and a bite of cheese in her. Yay!

2. Serve up children with chicken. Six year old Princess likes the pink color and tells me it matches her shirt. Older children believe this meal could cause digestive failure and are not convinced it is safe to eat. Grudgingly pick at plates.

3. Husband and I still have not eaten. Baby begins to scream that she wants out of the chair. We clean her up and let her out. I serve hubs so that he can change and get to the field early for set-up.

4.  Baby finds a toy golf club and begins socking her brothers and sisters in the ankles. They flee the dinner table almost too happily, leaving most of their “Pepto Bismol” chicken uneaten. I take away the golf club from the baby.

5. I start cleaning up their plates. Baby starts screaming for her club and one of her siblings gives it back to her. She begins chasing the dog with it.

6. Dishes piled and water from the faucet still running I chase after the baby to get the golf club. Take it away a 2nd time and set her up with blocks.

7. Still have not eaten. Return to clean the disaster of a kitchen. Luckily the dog has cleaned everything off the floor, except the lettuce.  She has never liked lettuce. . . Lettuce and Cucumbers.

8. Before the baseball players and their Dad leave they obligingly give the baby back her toy golf club and she begins knocking the dishwasher I am currently filling and gut laughs while the plates make a clinking noise.

9. Twelve year old comes in and collects her sister and her golf club so that I can eat in the 5 minutes we have left before we need to go.

10. I take one look at the “Pepto Bismol” chicken and opt for this instead.


So what are you cooking this week? Come link up your Mommy Reality.


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    1. Author

      Ha- ha taking one for the team! Thanks Lisa :) We just started the link-up. We wanted an easy and fun way to share our real mom moments submitted via a post or just on instagram, g+, facebook or twitter with #mommyreality hash. It can be done any time during the week. Would love to have you send in any of your real mom moments!
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  1. I love the colour pink, but not when it comes to chicken though. Pink puddings, desserts and cakes are all good mind! I would probably gone for the peanut butter and jam sandwich too.

    Will take a snap of dinner later, think it’s going to be leftovers today – mmmmm can’t wait!
    Debbie recently posted…My First Week On BlipfotoMy Profile

  2. I can not help but laugh at this little dose of Mom reality, I am so glad that I am not alone! :-) love the way you did a play by play of how things went down, perfectly written and so very true!
    Here’s hoping for a success in the dinner department tonight!

  3. LOL! When I first began dating my now husband, I fretted over impressing him. First mistake. Second mistake was actually trying to cook for someone so picky because I completely messed up and the color of the pasta was so weird I added red food coloring. It came out pink, just like your meal. Lol Tomorrow I am linking up a pasta post with Dylan-look out! I’m excited for #mommyreality week 2!
    Rebecca recently posted…Confession: Things I Don’t Tell My HusbandMy Profile

  4. This is just awesome. Dinners are usually decent in our house… this post actually echoes what lunch times are like for us. Chaos. Pure chaos. Everyone takes advantage of solo mom (including the dog). More often than not, I make 2 different lunches because not everyone likes what’s I’ve made.

    Good laughs here (and I totally identify)!

    Wishing you a lovely day.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…The Big ChangeMy Profile

  5. Lol sounds like dinner at our house! I shared a picture via twitter of our go to meal. It works for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and is sometimes the ONLY thing Little Miss will eat. However, the boys are pretty sick of it. But food is food right?
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    1. Author

      Yes to the grilled cheese! One of my nieces when she was little would really only eat that and once my sister and her son and daughter were discussing were to go out for dinner on a special night. Her son told his sister, “I really should get to decide because you only want to eat grilled cheese anyway!”
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  6. Lol that was a great story but not such a great day for you. This week I’m doing much better in the cooking department. I usually cook whatever I can come up with at the last minute and it usually isn’t pretty. But I’ve been doing a bit of menu planning and surprising myself. Last night it was pork chops fried in an egg and crushed corn flakes coating with scalloped potatoes. The kids said, “Ah Mom you really can cook!” Tonight we’re baking a salmon with rice. Tomorrow it will be salad and fried balogna for lunch and roast chicken with mashed potatoes for supper. It’s amazing what a little thinking ahead can accomplish. Thanks for listening to my little ramble. Have a super weekend!

    1. Author

      No rambling at all, your yummy meal plan has made me hungry! I think my children would prefer to eat their meals with you. Tell me when it’s meal time and I’ll send them your way along with some extra portions of our leftover pink chicken to share :)
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