Mommy Reality Challenge #2

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We were blown away by your responses to our First Mommy Reality Challenge! Your many posts, tweets, and Instagram pics have lifted the spirits of many a frustrated mommy, made us laugh, and inspired us all to put our own mommy realities out there! Thank you for spreading the word about this meaningful call to action and using our #mommyreality hashtag with pride.

For our first challenge we asked you to show us your car. It was a tough call to pick a favorite, the competition was fierce. Your crumb-ridden, real mom rides were a sight for our sleep deprived mom’s eyes. However, we absolutely must recognize and reward this tweeted pic from Jessica Martineau of Breaking the Momma Mold:

car blogging challenge

Honorable mention goes to Kimberly Cox of Adventures of But Mom for the junk in her trunk {and the rest of her real mom ride}:

car favorite

Blogging Challenge

To recognize our top #mommyreality pic for the week we have created a special meme to honor the real mom moment of Jessica Martineau. Wear it and share it proudly.

JENerally Informed

And now, on to Mommy Reality Challenge #2….

Mommy’s Meals

That’s right. We know you mean well, we really do. Life gets busy and the kids end up eating Oscar Meyer instead of the made-from-scratch pasta and homemade sauce you intended. Or maybe you made a fabulous meal, but the kids made an absolute mess of it.

Document a meal you’ve prepared for your kiddos with a blog post or picture on social media using the hash #mommyreality then link it up with us below . Help us feel better about the slop we dish out on bad days! Let’s stand and be recognized for our failed good intentions.

To get things started off, here is a picture of  Carolyn’s  youngest daughter eating a chicken and quinoa {not a great finger food} dish she prepared last week. Awesome, right?

mom blogging challenge

We can’t wait to start seeing these captured real mom moments roll in, as we embrace and reward…. Mommy’s Meals!

Don’t forget to grab a Mommy Reality button before you go!

Link up this weeks challenge pics and/or posts by clicking below:



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