Ulitmate Blog Party 2014

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Ultimate Blog Party 2014


A few years ago when I started blogging over on our book blog, The Practically Perfect Princess one of my friends tipped me off about The Ultimate Blog Party that is hosted by the fabulous ladies over at 5 Minutes For Mom. Being such a newbie I was nervous and scared, but joined in anyway. I should not have been scared at all.The Ultimate Blog Party was such a great experience.  My sister and I launched our debut book as the party began and by joining the party we met friends that we still follow today. Many of these bloggers we met at our first UBP have grown from new bloggers just like us into Blogging Rockstars and I have loved watching their successes and sharing mine with them.

If you have never heard of the party, you need to go visit and get linked up. Hundreds of bloggers join in. There are some awesome twitter parties and even more awesome giveaways.

If you are visiting here from the UBP 2014 welcome and I hope you enjoy your time here. My name is Jen and I am a mother to 4, aged 12 to 1 years old. I am a children’s book  author, blogger and PR consultant. JENerally Informed is place for me to share with others what I have learned and to learn from them. My husband and 4 kids join in on the blogging here and so it is a real family affair.



I look forward to meeting all of you and visiting your blogs. Leave me a comment and a link to your site so I can make sure to visit.

Stay Happy. Stay Informed.




  1. A children's book author? I am so intrigued! And, I love that the whole family gets involved with this blog. What a great thing to do! So nice to meet you Jen! I look forward to getting to know you more!

  2. Yeah! So glad you visited Joni. I just hit your site and I love it! Your family looks like so much fun and I think we are going to become good friends. Have a great day :)

  3. Thanks Anna! Just peeked in on your blog and social media sites. Looking forward to hearing more from the green eyed girl!

  4. Hi Jen, I'm popping in from the party and taking a look around at your site. I love that your children's book author which is one of those many things I've only dreamed of trying. I will certainly be add you to my feed and come back.

  5. I remember reviewing the Practically Perfect Princess on my previous blog (BookWormMama). It is so nice to run into you again. It sounds like Rebekah Grace is up to her old tricks.

  6. You have a lovely family! It is nice to meet you!
    I think I remember being nervous when I first joined this party too, but it was such fun! So I'm here again another year :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hey there! Oh yes she is still up to her old tricks. Nicki and I are working on the second one, but man there was a lot of life happening in the middle of it. So we thought a break would help. We get so many emails about the second book, soon we promise! So happy to run into you again!

  8. Your book looks absolutely adorable! And I love the name you came up with for this blog, too. I'm following both blogs on Blog Lovin' now, and am looking forward to reading!

  9. Ginny- you are too sweet. Thanks for the kind words :) I was so impressed when I read your profile on bloglovin that is really cool. Sixteen years after a breast cancer diagnosis and all you have done. I love your blog and will most definitely be visiting quite frequently!

  10. Hi Jen – I love the name of your blog! I'm stopping by from the UBP14 to say hi. I used to be a book blogger – until I had twins and now I can't remember the last time I read a book that wasn't one filled with pictures and rhymes!

  11. Twins, woo-hee! It sounds like you live a life like me as far as reading. Usually I get a book and then the hubs comes and gets it off my face after I have fallen asleep drooled on it :)

  12. Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by my website earlier. I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you better.

  13. Love how you said the whole family gets involved — and what a beautiful family you have, by the way!

    Just saw your link to a post about kids being crazy about Frozen…. Yeah, got to check that one out!!

    Have a great time at the party!

  14. Yes we are definitely crazy about Frozen in this house. We are getting ready to turn it off for the 2nd time today. The kids earned up to watch a double feature and this is the got-to one again and again.

    Thanks for visiting!

  15. Our kids are crazy about Frozen too, even my 5 year old son walks around singing all the songs! Our family loves to read so I look forward to checking out some of your book/reading posts. Nice to meet you!

  16. As a new blogger, I found your UPB14 party post really inspiring! Your blog has intrigued me, and I look forward to reading it often. I hope you will visit my blog “the most – – of every moment” some time soon, and say hello!

  17. Thanks Susan, glad you found your way here. I hope you enjoy the UBP. It is so much fun! Oh, I like your blog motto.

  18. Hi Jen!
    I'm stopping by from UBP14. Nice to meet you. I like your blog. Congrats on being an author. The release of my debut novel is just days away. It's an exciting time to be a writer.

  19. Hi Jen! Nice to meet you! That is awesome that you are a children's book author! I would love to write my own book one day. I used to be a YA librarian and hope to return one day as I loved it so much. Popping from the UBP14 and will definitely be adding your blog to my Feedly reader. :)

  20. Oh I love me some YA fiction. Especially now that my oldest is into reading it and we can read the books together. Thanks for popping in and saying hi!

  21. Dropping in from UBP14. Love your site. I'm always so impressed when I meet an author as it's something I have always wanted to do. I guess I'm taking the first step by starting a blog. I'm brand new (only 2 days old) – I have two teenage sons, and I'm really excited to meet new moms in blog land. I will be back to spend more time here…

  22. Looking forward to learning more about you! Love the look of your blog. I came over from the UBP14. Got a giggle out of the Everything Is Awesome section.

  23. I'm stopping by from #UBP14. I've been participating since 2007. It truly is a fun way to meet new bloggers!

    You have a wonderful family.

  24. Hey there, guess what I went and bought this weekend? The hanging shoe dividers so I could make my kids a week at a glance hanging clothes box like you suggested! thanks for the idea :)

  25. Hi Jen – I’m stopping by from #UBP14. I am a newbie & its has been lot of fun….nice blog. I am a mom and have my own business. Stop by my blog (http://spaglo.blogspot.com/201…” target=”_blank”> http://spaglo.blogspot.com/201…” target=”_blank”>(http://spaglo.blogspot.com/201… & Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/spagl…” target=”_blank”> https://www.facebook.com/spagl…” target=”_blank”>(https://www.facebook.com/spagl… if you get a chance. Have a great day!

  26. Hi, thanks for visiting my circus! ;) I know what you mean about traveling without screaming…. and here we are planning a road trip to Yellowstone this summer! Ah well, memories, right? :)
    I'm super interested in checking out your books! I'm a total bookworm! Souvenirs from my trip last week for my kids were mostly books!
    PS. Your kids are adorable!

  27. Yellowstone! I love Yellowstone. We lived right next to it for years. It is so beautiful. Enjoy the car ride it should be epic. Bring lots of books :)

  28. I felt the same way last year, when I joined my first UBP14 and feel the same way now "What was I so scared for?" I to have met some amazing and inspirational bloggers through this party. I can't say that I have read your books but after looking at your blog for it I can say that it looks like a great read for anyone that has a little princess in their life. Happy partying!

  29. Hi there, I am visiting from Ultimate Blog Party and just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your blog! It is inspiring that you are a children's book author, would love to do the same one day!

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