Lookee, Lookee A Liebster Award!

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I have been blogging here on JENerally Informed for a short time and was really nervous about starting this blog. I shouldn’t have been. I have met such amazing people who I never would have met otherwise. People who have really taken me under their wing, been so very kind and become real friends. One of these people is my friend Sara over at Rhapsody and Chaos, who just nominated ME for a Liebster award!



In case you’re new to blogging, the Liebster award is given to bloggers with less than 500 followers to give them a little boost in followers and blogging confidence. To accept the award, a blogger must:

  • Make a post about the award, thanking the blogger that nominated you.
  • State 11 interesting facts about yourself
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated you
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers with 500 or less followers
  • Write 11 new questions for your nominees

11 Facts About Me

1. I am a very bad pregnant person. I am sick for 6 or 7 months. I never throw up, but want to all day long. Even water makes me sick.

2. I do not enjoy driving the speed limit. It’s like a little part of me dies inside when I have to drive 30 miles an hour. I am always having to check myself and press the brake.

3. My sister and I wrote a children’s book together that has done quite well. Last year while delivering my baby a nurse came in with her book and had “QueenMomJen” sign her copy for her daughter.

4. I have a PR degree and have really used it. I have organized events for thousands of people, met amazing star studded people and even helped to launch some careers with my experience and training.

5. Once I had to take my daughter Rebekah when she was a toddler to meet with a US Senator. While I had my back turned she crawled into his lap and patted his cheek like he was her Grandpa. To his credit, he handled it well and welcomed her in with a hug.

6. I hate heights. We live in the beautiful state of Arizona and I have yet to take my kids to the Grand Canyon. Looking down over the edge is a terrifying prospect for me. The hubs and I think this summer we are finally going to take the family for a visit. Stay tuned  to see if I actually inch my way up to the edge.

7. I speak Spanish fluently and even went to school for a while in Madrid Spain.

8. I stink at dancing and married a man who is a fabulous dancer. He says there is more than enough good to counteract that :)

9.  I love gardening and can get pretty much anything to grow.

10. Aren’t 9 facts good enough! Ok a few more, I stink at math and my ability to help the children on their Math homework ends at about 3rd/4th grade. Luckily, the hubs is no joke MENSA smart and can help in that area.

11. I am pretty sure that if there ever were a Zombie Apocalypse I would be a pretty good partner to have in facing the danger. I could be one mean fighting machine for sure!

11 Answers to Sara’s Questions

1. Why do you blog?

I enjoy the community building and sharing aspect of blogging. I have a PR degree and I enjoy utilizing my skills to create something. Being creative helps me to feel inspired and maintain a positive attitude even when I haven’t been able to shower, eat and have changed at least 20 diapers that day :)

2. If you knew the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you do today?

For me all things begin and end with family. I would spend it with them.

3. What is your favorite book?

Kind of hokey, but the Virginian. My father loved Westerns. I grew up watching them and he introduced me to this book as a teenager. I love it! Read it if you haven’t. It’s the FIRST American Western

4. What’s the best meal you have eaten?

I remember a meal that my sister, my Mom and I ate consisting of bread and cheese overlooking a beautiful European city. I still relish that memory and that meal.

5. Who is my fashion idol?

Jackie O

6. What are you most excited about Spring?

In Southern Arizona it’s spring right now and we have to get out and enjoy it before we melt in 100 degree heat soon. I am planting away and loving it!

7. What’s the most daring thing you’ve done recently?

I told off a mean person. I hate confrontation and enjoy being nice. I told off a bully in a very matter of fact way and they backed down and said they were sorry.

8. Kiss, marry, or kill, Friends edition: Rachel, Ross, or Chandler. (If you don’t know how to play, you assign one action to each character.)

I really like them all and don’t want to kill any of them, but if I was married to Ross I might kill him because of his flubs that would totally embarrass me.

9. What was your favorite subject in high school?

English. I love reading and I especially love dissecting books and finding underlying meanings in written work.

10. What is the kindest thing someone else has done for you recently?

It involves multiple people, but when you blog and put your work out there  it’s pretty nerve wracking. I am amazed when people like my work and even say genuine nice things about it. I have had a lot of that lately and I am grateful for their kindness.

11. What do you see in the following inkblot? (Feel free to paste the picture into your post, so anyone reading it will understand your answer.)

A scary elephant.

11 Bloggers Nominated (in no particular order!)
(I tried to look and I am not sure how many followers some of you have, sorry if you’re over 500, but I say participate anyway!)

(Also, I am new to all of your blogs and love them all, so I’m sorry if you’ve already received this award. Just think of it as a virtual hug.)

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11 New Questions For my Nominees To Answer

1.  Sneakers or heels?

2. What are you reading right now?

3. If you could have any meal right now what would it be and why?

4. What is the most important lesson you have ever learned from a stranger?

5.  Do you love a rainy night or not?

6. You have 5 minutes to leave your house, besides your family what items would you grab?

7. Who do you like best Elsa or Anna (Frozen)?

8. Who is one person who has most impacted your life and why?

9. Why do you blog?

10. If there is one statement that summed up who you are, what is it and why?

11. Ice cream, candy, or baked goods- which is your favorite?