Nailed It Challenge: Avengers Cupcakes

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Time for the Great Avengers Pinterest inspired cupcake reveal.

A few things:

1. After meticulously reviewing the picture from every angle in order to make sure I  knew all of the colors and every nuance of the picture I decided I needed supplies!

2. With a visit to my local 99 cent store, I was equipped with my very own version of a cake decorating bag and different sized tips. Yippee! I have never owned such a thing. PISHAW to those who say we need to pay the big bucks in order to make great looking cupcakes. I will prove that wrong!

3. Ok, I got home and started making the cupcakes. Snap, all I had was Dora the Explorer cupcake holders. My son told me that no self respecting professional would ever have their Avengers cupcakes be in Dora the Explorer cupcake holders. Although he is right, no one would see the bottom part of the cupcake right, so CARRY ON!

4. WHAT! I am all out of yellow food coloring. What in the heck have I used that much yellow food coloring for? Back to the store to pick up more food coloring.

Here is a picture of my kitchen during the process, please don’t pin this picture…..


Now onto decorating!

Wow this is kind of hard:

1. Note: To make the color black throw all of the dye colors into one bowl and keep mixing until it kind of looks like throw-up. Then add in more of all of the colors and voila, you now have black!

2. Do NOT try to frost while holding a baby in your arms.

3. 99 cent store cake decorating bags are not good at all!

4. Using that much frosting and food dye in one day will permanently stain your hands a kind of funky mottled color.

5. Do not drop the Captain America cupcake on the floor, we will cover later what happens if you do.

Alright they are finished. TA-DAH!!!! 

Here’s a side by side. I added a little beard to Thor to make him look a little more manly.

Yup, EXACTLY alike :)

Now to the slow motion replay:


The cupcake is the one on the bottom. Simply Uncanny!!

And as for that Captain America cupcake that tried to get away? There isn’t likely to be another sequel:

Now, what should I do next?????

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!




  1. I'm also seriously impressed! Those came out great! I can't even imagine attempting something like this. I'd hire you for my daughters birthday parties anyday :)

  2. Bwahahahahahahaha. Exactly alike indeed. Bwahahahahahahaha. Okay, so far today I've had three chocolate chip cookies with my coffee and now I've taken two of your cupcakes. They were very good too.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  3. Not bad! The best way to make black, is to use chocolate frosting and mix it, and let it sit over night. For some reason black dye darkens after awhile. I used to make black and it always looked like purple/grey until a Wilton pro told me that trick :)

  4. HA! I'm actually quite impressed! But that may not be saying much, as I can't decorate to save my life…

  5. "Please do not pin this picture." ~ CRACK me UP! I love how you compared the two pictures side by side!

    Keep on rocking it! Love seeing all your projects!

  6. Hey! They look pretty good! Your son is hilarious, he sounds like he enjoys challenging you lol. I think Thor looks better with a beard and I like your Hulk better!

  7. Oh, I love it, I love it, I love it. I would never dare attempt this!

  8. Thanks! I am for sure no "pro", my kids were all to happy to detail how I had really not nailed any of the characters… :)

  9. oh my goodness you are hilarious! I think you did a great job for not having all the 'right' supplies on hand which indicates you may not have prior experience with cupcake decorating! I think they turned out quite well! :)

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