Four Things That Aren’t Helping Today’s Youth

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen

As a mother of young children and one preteen, there are quite a few things that I see in our pop culture and through the media that really bother me. They bother me because they are destructive and mess with the heads of our children.

I’ve compiled a brief list of four things and people that I wish would just go away.

1. Justin Bieber’s video deposition relating to his DUI arrest. Picture this being YOUR child. . .


2. Target taking photo- shop a little too far.


On a side note this is an interesting video on the whole photo-shop process.


3. Kind of old I know, but what happened to Miley has made me and thousands of other little girls and their parents very sad to see her turn from this…..

To This….


Update: Miley now has a sad kitty tattoo on her lip. So maybe we won’t see her tongue anymore, just her lower lip…. What truly saddens me though is that my pre-teen was the one who showed me this picture before it had even popped up on any of the media’s real radars.











One last thing, although there are many more I could include on this list.

4. Sierra Vista, a small town located in my home state of Arizona recently had this story concerning high- schoolers being required to read sexually explicit material out loud in class as part of a Common Core accelerated reading assignment. Read the story here and I am not kidding, reader beware.

What have you seen lately that bothers you?