Winter in Arizona!

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Snow is just COVERING the trees in Southern Arizona where I live. Oh wait, those are pear blossoms. My mistake. Enjoy the rest of winter, America. I will come visit you in the summer when hot doesn’t even begin to describe it here.For now though, this weather can’t be beat!


  1. I love your sarcastic sense of humor!! Although I'm a winter loving Canadian Michigander who feels bad that you don't have the 2 feet of snow that I have right now – hahahaha.
    Thank you for networking with us on the CLIMB (blog hop)!

  2. How I wish for some blossom right now! Over here in England it is great weather for ducks and boating!! Thanks for a bit of sunshine to brighten my day x

  3. I laugh at my East coast families when they complain about the cold, ice, and the snow, while I'm enjoying the 70's temps in Vegas. I'm with ya on the heat…when it gets to the triple digits, they don't hear me complain, I just suck it up.

  4. Yes mam it is best to just enjoy what we have in Vegas and Southern Arizona right now. All too soon it will get to the slow simmer temps.

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