So What’s Good On Netflix?

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My family is almost to the point that we watch more NETFLIX than regular Television. I can actually foresee a point that we could do away with satellite television altogether.  The biggest hangup is probably the hubs sports programming.

That being said, there is a lot of good and bad on NETFLIX with a definite lack of newer movies to choose from.  One place where the content shines, however is in their selection of television series.  How wonderful is it to watch as many episodes as you want, when you want, without commercial interruption.  Just be careful that your viewing doesn’t descend into “binge watching.”


One of my family’s favorites was “Merlin.” My 12 year and I watched this together although we watched it on live TV and had to mute through all of the really “great”/scary  SyFy channel commercials. All of this is avoided now that the entire series is available on NETFLIX.

The show begins with a young Merlin just entering service at the palace and follows both he and Arthur as they grow up into their  roles and responsibilities.

Note: There are some scary episodes with magic and such, but for my Harry Potter devotee took all of this is in stride.This series is definitely worth watching  Also, though the characters tend to be younger, they tend to avoid the CW channel style angst.

So what are you watching on Netflix?

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  1. House of Cards! But we definitely binge-watched both seasons. It's too good not to. Orange is the New Black is pretty good, too, but it took a while for me to get into.

  2. I used to be a big netflixer years ago and recently got an email offer to try them again for free. Why am I resisting? Commercial free television shows is what I live for. Saves me the argument with my marketing-obsessed husband over muting the tv!

  3. Oh it will be a godsend for your little guy once he gets interested in shows. My kindergartener watches episodes of My Little Pony over and over again. For a while she was even hooked on Jem and Shera!

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