Now Here’s A Science Fair Project Winner

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After just helping to finish off my 2 older children’s Science Fair projects I saw this on the Winging It Facebook page and thought it was the best project I have ever seen. 

I know for our family the 32 page syllabus with over 100 required bullet points, no joke,  pretty much killed the love of the Science Fair in my children and killed a little bit of my soul as I literally dragged them along in order to complete the project.

Next year we are SO doing this. 

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  1. HAHA! I love this. I was just telling my husband about the time I won the science fair in 3rd grade, and after putting hours upon hours into my research, my family left the fair early…which meant I wasn't in the newspaper photo of winners and I never received my medal. Clearly I'm still bitter lol Science fair projects are a big deal!

  2. Oh man my kids would kill me if that happened to them. I am pretty sure though that our projects although complete and good won't be winning. So glad you came by and said hi!

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