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My 9 year old son Caleb doesn’t just like LEGO he LOVES LEGO. He is especially fond of anything to do with LEGO Star Wars.

About 6 months ago I signed up to receive free copies of the LEGO magazine. Caleb loves it and devours each and every new edition of the magazine. Here is the link so you can sign-up to receive your own free copies of the magazine and become a LEGO Club member!

This weekend we are hoping to go see The LEGO Movie and I’ll have Caleb do a recap of the movie and his thoughts about it here on the blog. Taking a family of 6 to see a movie is quite the investment so I like to make it special. I thought we could have this for dinner.


We also have a lot of extra LEGO pieces sitting around so I created a game that would be a lot of fun for the family!

1.Gather up as many extra LEGO pieces as you can.

2.  Write on slips of paper some easy building scenes that family members can select out of a bowl.
For example build something that moves, make a food item, make something you use in or on the outside of a house, make something from a movie, build something you would see in space,  etc. I thought I would include a couple of blank cards in the bowl that would allow the  children to build whatever they want.

3. The game can be played individually or as a team effort to create the selected items.

Okay now we are all ready for some awesomeness!

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  1. Oh geeze. Reading this post is like looking into a crystal ball…I see my future. Little boys and legos are a match made in heaven.

  2. My daughter is a LEGO nut! I loved them when I was younger too. We all enjoyed the movie. Mini's alarm song is "Everything is Awesome" so I hear it every single morning! lol

  3. My son and I played with Lego's for years, and then it was my granddaughters. Lego's rock and that pizza looks mighty good too.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  4. Thanks! I love that all of the Lego sets we have are so hardy that I am pretty sure we will be able to pass them on through multiple children on for quite a while. Loved your Oklahoma news story :)Made me laugh!

  5. We are so excited to go see it. We have been so busy there was not a free weekend to do it. Does your daughter like the standard Lego sets or does she like the new Lego Friends? We have seen the Lego Friends movie on Netflix, but that is about all I know about the set.

  6. Mini loves watching Ninjago (Ninja Legos). She likes being able to build things, like the specific sets. She sometimes gets bored playing with "regular" Legos. We went to LegoLand in December and before the 4D movie, they had a preview for this movie. She went nuts!

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