8 Things We NEED to Bring Back from the 80’s

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A few days ago my children, whom I love, pointed out that I was born in a whole other century way back in the 1900’s. These are the moments you realize that those beautiful children you have raised, fed, and clothed for years may not make it to adulthood! I told them that just because this was a “new” century didn’t mean it was the best century. Why my century alone provided us with cars, non-rotary telephones, plane travel, antibiotics, immunizations, and personal computers.  There are also things that we had that they will probably never get to experience.  For the love of our children, these things NEED to be brought back!

8.  The well-executed sax solo bridge. . .


Also, the Keytar!


It’s amazing that despite the hair and music video aspects, 80’s music really holds up well.  A lot of great stars. A few of who even kept their star power in this “new” century, especially when you think of what constitutes a “star” nowadays.

7.  Indiana Jones without nuked refrigerators, aliens, or Shia Labeouf.


Yes, the third movie came out in the 90’s but the other two were well enough into the 80’s to qualify him for this spot.  I’m not sure we need any more geriatric Indiana Jones, but a movie concept this fresh and exciting with such a great leading man is sorely needed.


6.  Jellies!


Sure they had a lifespan of approximately 3 blocks, but when you weren’t rocking the three pairs of socks, nothing else came close.




5.  Jem and the Holograms


Lots of Keytar in that show. . .


And, yes, I am aware that you can watch all of the episodes on Netflix.  Just seems like the premise would be good enough for a reboot.  Can you imagine the My Little Pony crossover?  Pure Gold!

4.  21 Jump Street

THIS. . .


NOT this. . .


I’m not counting these cheesy, just plain horrible remakes as ACTUAL remakes.  Channing Tatum you are already on the edge with me and you don’t really match up with what Richard Grieco brought to the show, let alone some sort of stand in for puppy-eyed Johnny Depp.  Also, the drama in 21 Jump Street was serious and relevant, not some setup at wooden humor for you and your Leprechaun buddy.  Someday I hope Geppetto can find the magic to make you a real boy. . .

3.  New York Seltzer

True story-  When we were dating, my future husband and I had discussed New York Seltzer and how it was everywhere when we were growing up. We went to see a movie later that week and hit a .99 cent store to kill some time before the movie and, lo and behold, they had New York Seltzer on the shelf! We were super excited and bought some in order to relive old memories (blueberry, the best flavor!). One swig of the seltzer and we realized that the bottles we had just purchased and ingested were actually from the 80’s and had probably been sitting on that shelf for the past 10 years, Yuck!


2.  Wonder Woman


Seriously, we are on our THIRD reboot of Superman (six films total).  We didn’t really need any more after Superman 2 with Christopher Reeve.

That includes you Superman 3 with Richard Pryor.

How do we go through every possible permutation of superhero movie and NOT get a Wonder Woman film?  Possibly because Lynda Carter is going to be hard to beat in that role.  I challenge you to remember any other single thing about this television show other than the spectacularness of Lynda Carter in her outfit, secret identity glasses, or the turning around and around in between.

Might be time to think about giving Supergirl a second chance as well.


1.  Smurf Berry Crunch-  Natch!

The stuff was so good that my husband says, that he, as a preteen, and the only child at home, would buy it and eat it and never even think twice about what that entailed.  We would both still buy it today and not just for the kids. It could be called Evil Satan O’s and it would still be as sweet!  Not really sure why this is off the market, but it is definitely one of the greatest setbacks of the 90’s. Spoiler: Next week we will be covering here on JENerally Informed some things that should most definitely NOT be brought back from the 80″s!  

Stay Happy! Stay Informed!  

Love,  Jen


  1. I'm trying to remember the 80s. Not having much success and most of these just passed me by. Wonder Woman and Indiana Jones didn't, but the rest? Well I'm in my 60s and my rememberer isn't what it used to be.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. Eww @ the 99cent store story. lol, that's so messed up. I was born in the late 80's so as far as I knew, jellies were a 90's thing. I've been wrong my whole life!

  3. You rocked this on your Keytar! Loved growing up in the 80's! Great post!

  4. My daughters have discovered Jem on Netflix and are OBSESSED with it! Makes shopping for Christmas a little tricky when they write, "Jem stuff" on their list, but thankfully Ebay exists ;)

  5. Ha! Love it! I know I totally should have kept my old toys and could have just wrapped them up over the years to give to my kids.

  6. Love it! I got Wonder Woman Underoos one year for my birthday and loved them, of course, but was secretly a little disappointed because they weren't strapless and tight like Lynda Carter's.

  7. I agree we need a good leading man! I actually only remember the jellies although, liek Dizmommy I thought they were a 90s thing, I probably had my years off considering I was probably 4 or 5. Ugh old soda! LOL I like this post; even though I don't remember most of these things I do hear hubs talk about them and I just nod my head, but now I can respond! :D

  8. Ha! I love that my children always tell me to explain to them what it was like back in the old days of the 80's and 90's….. So this list was for them as well!

  9. We aim to please :) Netflix can give you a crash course as well. My daughters found that series about a year ago and often I found myself sitting and watching with them.

  10. Joyce- I think it was at the very tail end of the 70's and early into the 80's. I haven't ever watched the series, but I probably should. I think my kids would like it. I heard the father on the show just recently passed away as well.

  11. Ha! This is a super fun post! Love the keytar part- forgot all about that one!

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