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Breaking News! Making Dinner Is Hard And Should Now Be Someone Else’s Responsibility

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen28 Comments

Oh the mind-bending hopelessness of the family mealtime!!! This last week I read a story on Slate that attempted to relate the findings and conclusions of a study by 3 North Carolina State University Sociologists: Sarah Bowen, Sinika Elliott and Joslyn Brenton. Their team conducted in-depth interviews with 150 black, white, and Latina mothers from all walks of life. They …

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Tales Of A Middle School Mom

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen20 Comments

An unavoidable truth of motherhood is that our precious little babies do not stay that way for very long. No matter how much we wish we could freeze the process and stop their aging, we can’t and they will grow up. Thirteen years ago my first Princess was born. I remember looking at the tiny preemie baby in my arms …

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Reclaiming Sleep In Our House

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen27 Comments

I have to admit that I am blessed with pretty good kids who are sweet, lovely and kind. Sure they aren’t perfect, but on a whole our home is good place to be. Well, that is the case except for at night. Nighttime has become an epic battlefield where sleep deprivation seems to be the only winner. Here is the …

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The REAL Rules For Raising A Toddler

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen29 Comments

Last week my good friend Sarah of Ruffles and Rainboots asked me to guest post over at her blog. I love Sarah and was thrilled to do so. If you haven’t checked her blog out before now, you really should. You are all familiar with my caboose baby Miss Anneliese Claire. She is 17 months old and is beautiful, lovely …

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My Forever Story

In Parenting by Jen24 Comments

My forever story began 16 years ago. I was one month past my 21st birthday. A baby some called me, too young to be taking this step others thought. Jensguy although older than me, had just recently turned 24. We were both so young. I can still remember the morning of our wedding when he took my hand and whispered …

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Kid Approved Busy Bag

In Parenting by Jen28 Comments

A few months ago I participated in a co-op with a group of women to make “toddler” busy bags for our families.  This busy bag has been amazing and has managed to entertain not only the toddler, but ALL of my children with it’s contents. I wanted to share how to make a few of the items with you today. …

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Scam, Scam, Scammity Scam

In Parenting by Jen34 Comments

This last weekend I received a call from a talent development agency wishing to “audition” my children for television and modeling parts. I laughed,  I thanked them, I told them no, and then I promptly hung up. I later told my sister about the call, because my nephew has let it be known that his life’s wish is to have …

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Where’s Olaf

In Parenting by Jen16 Comments

My children are crazy about Frozen. I believe we have now watched the movie HUNDREDS of times. Rebekah, my 6 year old, has been very concerned that since this is Olaf’s first summer alive he really should have the full “In Summer” experience. So, we decided it would be fun if we took our own little Olaf along with us …

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A Boy’s Guide To Surviving Sisters

In Parenting by Jen25 Comments

Today my son Caleb is celebrating his first double digit birthday. Caleb is one of those special humans who is such a joy to be around. His mellow, fun loving and charming personality has made him the favorite of all of his sisters and many others girls county wide. It also doesn’t hurt that he has his Daddy’s brilliant baby …

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Does Your Toddler Need An Exorcist?

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Each time I give birth to a sweet, tiny little baby I hold my bundle of joy in my arms completely repressing the knowledge that there will come a point where that same child, for at least a while, will be completely possessed by demons.  The world refers to this unspeakable horror as “The Toddler Years.” Those of you who …

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He’s Just a Boy Who Stands All Alone. . .

In Parenting by Jen4 Comments

Two of my children played baseball this last season. My husband coached Rebekah in her first year in tee-ball and helped out on my son Caleb’s baseball team when his coaching schedule allowed. Aren’t they cute? As a family, we have spent many nights out at the ball field over the last several months. In my time there I have …

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Dealing With Discouragement

In Motherhood, Parenting by Jen51 Comments

Yesterday we went to our community pool/ splash pad. The baby and I were sitting in the sun getting warm and watching her brother and sisters splash in the pool. Anneliese had been chewing on a pair of goggles and decided to throw them at a woman sitting next to me. I grabbed them as they landed on her legs …